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50th Anniversary Issue

  1. new york 50th anniversary
    Who’s Sitting Next to You on the Subway? On an R Train in September, We Asked.“I get, like, panic attacks, on the train especially. That’s why I get into the benzos.”
  2. my fare
    Old New York, Seen Through a Cab Driver’s WindshieldJoseph Rodriguez documented the world outside his taxi during the 70s and 80s.
  3. old letters
    Read Letters to New York From Spike Lee, Mimi Sheraton, and Donald TrumpLooking back at old letters to the editor.
  4. my new york
    My New York: New York Magazine’s 50th Anniversary IssueA special edition that attempts to capture the city’s voice through first-person stories, spoken and written, about our disparate lives intertwining.