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  1. business
    7-Eleven’s Alleged Collaboration on ICE Raids Is a Cautionary TaleWhat happens when unchecked corporate power pairs with a federal agency that targets vulnerable people? 7-Eleven employees paint an ugly picture.
  2. neighborhood news
    Local Bodegas Drive Massive Corporate Chain From Neighborhood The St. Marks 7-Eleven is no more.
  3. Man Beaten and Stripped for Shoplifting Candy Sues 7-ElevenViral videos ruin lives.
  4. A Machine for People Who Ignore Their NeighborsKeyMe kiosks, coming to Manhattan 7-Elevens, will make your spare key for you. 
  5. fast food forward
    Get Ready for a Very Sticky Guilt Trip Against the East Village 7-ElevenThere’s an arsenal of 20,000 stickers to shame customers.
  6. neighborhood news
    Do Not Steal From This Brooklyn 7-Eleven Or you may be stripped naked and bitten by employees.
  7. slurpees
    7-Eleven to Launch New Low-Calorie Slurpees NationwideThey’re coming.
  8. stuck in the mittle
    7-Eleven Is Sending Mitt Romney Some of Those Cookies He Loves So Much “We were very amused,” a spokesman tells us. 
  9. real estate
    7-Eleven Is Coming to the BoweryPunk is dead. Again.
  10. cultural capital
    New York Art Kids Skip Internships, Start Their Own GalleryWho needs to slave in an office when you’ve got your parents’ cash — sorry, creative genes.
  11. photo op
    Who Needs the Kwik-e-Mart? (We Do.) It’s funny. Some buzz-building marketing campaigns just irritate us. (Yes, yes, even as we sometimes, inevitably become part of them.) But others, for whatever reason, we think are kind of cute. Here’s the 7-Eleven adjacent to Port Authority on 42nd Street, decked out in promotional gimmick for the Simpsons movie. We’re going to stop for a Squishee on our way home from work.