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9 11 Memorial

  1. tacky things
    You Missed Your Chance to Own a 9/11 Cheese PlateIt’s been pulled from the museum’s gift shop.
  2. never forget
    No One Can Be Mad at This 9/11 Memorial GraffitiPeople are scratching “anguished messages” into the victim plaques.
  3. never forget
    Families Notified in Last-Minute Email That 9/11 Victims’ Remains Will Be MovedThey’re being placed at ground zero on May 10.
  4. never forget
    9/11 Museum to Finally Open in MayVictims’ families will get in free, the rest pay $24.
  5. price gouging
    A Visit to the 9/11 Museum Won’t Be CheapTickets are $24 each.
  6. mind the gap
    Woman Caught With Loaded Gun at 9/11 MemorialAfter it went unnoticed on Amtrak.
  7. ground zero
    9/11 Memorial Reservations Now Cost $2And some victims’ families are not happy about it.
  8. school daze
    Terrible Teens Defile 9/11 MemorialTheir excuse: “Everyone was kind of bored .”
  9. never forget
    Shanksville, Pennsylvania 9/11 Memorial Is Still UnfinishedIt received few donations from grateful Congress members.
  10. never forget
    Good News/Bad News: Ground Zero EditionLots of visitors! Also, a creepy noose.
  11. corrections
    Typos: Not Always a Sign of CarelessnessSometimes they just happen!
  12. lower manhattan
    Ticket Requests Crash 9/11 Memorial Box-Office SiteThe spot looks to be a popular draw come September.
  13. neighborhood news
    Before It Opens in Three Months, 9/11 Memorial Still Needs $3 MillionJust don’t ask the Port Authority to come up with the cash.
  14. jon stewart
    Jon Stewart Appointed to 9/11 BoardThe board hopes he’ll help bring in big bucks.
  15. september 11
    September 11? There’s an App for ThatBroadcastr makes 9/11’s oral history mobile.