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9 11 Museum

  1. 9/11: 20 years later
    The 9/11 Museum and Its DiscontentsA new documentary goes inside the battles that have riven the institution and shaped the historical legacy of the attack.
  2. tacky things
    9/11 Museum Gift Shop Also Sells a Commemorative Cheese PlateWho wouldn’t want to eat off of that?
  3. media
    Reporter Kicked Out of 9/11 Museum for Asking a Question Without PermissionAmid some bad press, the museum will not have people doing unauthorized journalism.
  4. never forget
    9/11 Museum Not the Best Place for a Cocktail PartyThere were some complaints about the space’s preopening day event.
  5. never forget
    9/11 Museum Gift Shop Sells Dog VestsAnd much more.
  6. photo op
    Powerful Images From the 9/11 Museum DedicationPresident Obama led the ceremony this morning with a brief, moving speech.
  7. 9-11 museum
    60 Minutes Goes Inside the Unfinished 9/11 MuseumAnd discovers even more controversies.
  8. 9-11 museum
    Bloomberg and Cuomo End Standoff, Construction Will Resume on 9/11 MuseumAs scheduled, it should be open by September 11 … 2014.
  9. 9-11 museum
    Continuing Cost Dispute Delays 9/11 MuseumAs of now, the museum won’t be ready by the time 1 World Trade Center construction finishes in 2014.
  10. never forget
    9/11 Memorial Museum Releases Interactive Multimedia TimelineSome of the video/audio clips can be hard to handle, but this is how we never forget.