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9 11 Trials

  1. status cuomo
    Andrew Cuomo Takes Terror-Trial NIMBYism to the ExtremeHe doesn’t want the trial of the 9/11 plotter to be in New York City, or anywhere in New York State.
  2. pots and kettles
    Rudy Giuliani Knows a Thing or Two About LeadershipAnd how to be a hypocrite.
  3. Holder Still Supports Criminal Trials for Alleged 9/11 PlottersOh, and he says bin Laden won’t be captured alive.
  4. Post: Obama Advisers Will Recommend Military Tribunals for 9/11 TrialsDecision would represent reversal from Obama’s preference for civilian-court trials over past few months.
  5. Bloomberg Defends Estimate for Cost of 9/11 TrialsMayor offers response after Biden questions amount.
  6. 9/11 Trials Might Not Even Be in Civilian Courts AnymoreThat’s quite a turnaround for Obama, who’s been defending the majesty of our criminal-justice system for months.
  7. bon mots
    Robert Morgenthau Doesn’t Want to Overstate How Utterly Cataclysmic That Would BeThe entire court system would shut down if we held a terrorism trial in the city.
  8. Why Won’t Obama Put the New York 9/11 Trials Out of Their Misery?Obama says he still hasn’t ruled them out.
  9. Mayor of Newburgh, New York, Would Love to Host the TerroristsIn fact, they kind of owe us.
  10. terror trials
    Justice Department Looking For New Terror Trials LocationThe White House has ordered Attorney General Eric Holder to consider holding the trials outside of New York.
  11. 9 11 trials
    Security for Terror Trials Will Cost the City $200 MillionBloomberg wants the federal government to foot the bill.
  12. Someone Is Going to Have to Shell Out at Least $200 Million for the 9/11 TrialsThe question is — will it be the city or the federal government?
  13. new york justice
    Even More Al Qaeda Coming to New York?The Justice Department has its eye on Brooklyn as well.
  14. imaginary conversations
    Inside Eric Holder’s Personal Inspection of the Jail Where the 9/11 Plotters Will Be HeldDaily Intel has the exclusive fake scoop on all the fake stuff that happened.
  15. 9 11 trials
    Some Lucky Lawyers Will Be Picked to Defend the 9/11 PlottersWon’t that be a hoot!
  16. 9 11 trials
    9/11 Plotters Will Be Tried by a Jury of Good LiarsGood liars who lie about an ability to be fair and open-minded about the confessed 9/11 plotters.
  17. 9 11 trials
    Terrorism Suspects to Lecture Americans about American Foreign PolicySpoiler alert: they’re not fond of it.
  18. 9 11 trials
    The Washington Post’s Dueling 9/11-Trial Op-eds, CondensedPro and con, from a conservative columnist and two members of the Bush Justice Department.
  19. 9 11 trials
    Obama Guarantees the Death of KSM, Sort OfBut can a jury really be relied upon to hand down the death penalty? Nope!
  20. jerks
    GOP Congressman Rethinks That Thing He Said About Bloomberg’s Daughter Being KidnappedWay to go, John Shadegg!