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Aaron Swartz

  1. hackers
    The Fed Spent Super Bowl Sunday Getting HackedApparently by Anonymous.
  2. the internet
    Anonymous Hacks U.S. Sentencing Commission Website The collective wrote that “a line was crossed” with Aaron Swartz’s death.
  3. memorials
    Anger at Prosecutors Boils Over at Aaron Swartz Memorial They were “hellbent on destroying Aaron’s life.”
  4. the internet
    Swartz Suicide Sparks ‘Aaron’s Law’ on RedditShe wants to amend the Computer Fraud and Abuse Act he was being charged under.
  5. the internet
    Aaron Swartz Suicide Fuels Fight on CybercrimeSupporters of the Internet activist blame the government.
  6. the internet
    The Aaron Swartz Reader: In His Own WordsA collection of writings by the young Internet activist, who died last week.
  7. the internet
    Anonymous Hacked MIT’s Websites With Swartz MemorialThe memorial followed a denial-of-service attack.
  8. the internet
    Aaron Swartz’s Suicide Spurs Outrage at Prosecutors The Internet activist’s family and others say “exceptionally harsh” charges over a mass JSTOR download contributed to his death.
  9. the internet
    Reddit Co-Founder and JSTOR Hacker Aaron Swartz Commits Suicide The 26-year-old was facing a trial for downloading over 4 million documents.
  10. hacktivism
    People Are Now Uploading Academic Research to File-Sharing SitesKids today!