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  1. avast
    Somali Pirate ‘Appears Relaxed’ in CourtThe pirate, who has displayed a range of emotions since his arrest for the hijacking of the Maersk ‘Alabama,’ has leveled out.
  2. drama on the high seas
    Who Took the Maersk Alabama Booty?The Navy is investigating whether its own sniper team engaged in a little piracy themselves.
  3. drama on the high seas
    That Pirate Was Indicted YesterdayRemember the whole pirate thing? No? Maybe a little?
  4. drama on the high seas
    How to Defend a 21st Century PirateWe talk to an expert about what’s going to happen to New York’s most smiley new buccaneer.
  5. drama on the high seas
    Nobody Knows How Old This Pirate IsWhat the hell, let’s just try him as an adult, then.
  6. drama on the high seas
    Why Is This Pirate Smiling?The teenage Somali pirate who survived his own crew’s attack on the Maersk Alabama arrived in New York last night.