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  1. vision 2020
    2020 Democratic Candidates Will Need a Definitive Stance on ICE, and SoonReports of deceptive stings and ICE force-feeding detainees will only draw more scrutiny as the race heats up, and Democrats must offer solutions.
  2. House GOP Passes ‘ICE Is Nice’ ResolutionHaving failed to get House Democrats to vote on a progressive “abolish ICE” bill, House GOP settles for an empty messaging resolution.
  3. House Democrats Refuse to Take Bait on ‘Abolish ICE’ Vote Arranged by GOPRepublicans want to distract attention from their own immigration disagreements and burn a straw man, but House Democrats aren’t cooperating.
  4. Abolishing ICE Is About As Popular As Trump’s Immigration AgendaPolls show only 25 percent of voters want to “abolish ICE” — while only 12 percent agree with Trump’s decision to end DACA.
  5. Is ‘Abolish ICE’ a Winning Midterm Message for Democrats?As Trump demonstrated how he’ll twist the message against Democrats, some on the left backed off, saying the focus should be abolishing Trump.
  6. ‘Abolish ICE’: The Roots of the Left’s New Immigration Rallying CryAmid the outrage over family separations, a slogan initially used by activists is becoming more mainstream, with some Democratic lawmakers signing on.