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Abortion Bans

  1. life after roe
    The Right to a Private Life Is Under AttackConservative activists want to control our most personal decisions.
  2. life after roe
    Fifteen-Week Abortion Bans Are No CompromiseThe GOP is haggling over when to ban abortion. So are some Democrats.
  3. life after roe
    One Year Without RoeAll the ways abortion bans have affected pregnant people, providers, and clinics, by the numbers and in their own words.
  4. abortion
    Florida’s Abortion Law Is a Disaster for Access in the SouthThe six-week ban cuts off women seeking abortions across a wide swath of the country.
  5. abortion
    Idaho Finds a New Way to Criminalize AbortionAdults who help minors travel out of state for the procedure could now face prison time.
  6. the intelligencer profile
    Dorothy Roberts Tried to Warn UsThe legal scholar has been writing about the criminalization of pregnancy for 25 years. Now she’s calling to abolish the child welfare system.
  7. the law
    The End of the Viability LineIf the Supreme Court lets Mississippi ban abortion at 15 weeks, before fetal viability, much more than that will be lost.
  8. the law
    Federal Appeals Court Reinstates Texas Abortion BanAs expected, the conservative-leaning Fifth Circuit Court of Appeals temporarily blocked a lower court’s ruling against the law.
  9. the law
    What’s Next in the Legal Fight Against Texas’s Extreme Abortion BanA brazenly political court let Texas ban almost all abortions. Politics may be the only thing to stop it.
  10. texas
    Texas Is Already Creating Abortion RefugeesPregnant people in Texas are scrambling to get abortions in neighboring states, but clinics cannot handle the influx.
  11. abortion
    New Texas Abortion Law Enlists Activists to Harass Providers in CourtIn a twist on other pre-viability abortion bans, Texas leaves enforcement to any schmo with evidence of an “illegal” procedure.
  12. power
    Arkansas Just Passed a Near-Total Ban on AbortionThe law — which is blatantly unconstitutional — would make it a felony to perform an abortion. There is no exception for rape or incest.
  13. abortion
    Anti-Abortion Activists Object to State Bans — But Only on TacticsAnti-abortion leaders are discouraging extreme state abortion laws, preferring stealth until the time is ripe for a frontal assault on Roe v. Wade.
  14. abortion
    Extreme Abortion Bans Are Stepping All Over the GOP’s ‘Infanticide’ MessageIt’s not easy to call the other party “extremists” when your own state legislatures are trying to ban abortion entirely.
  15. Indiana Governor Signs Fetal-Defect Abortion BanIf you want an abortion because your fetus has a genetic defect, then you no longer have a right to an abortion.
  16. shmashmortion
    Trent Franks’s Abortion Bill Passes the House, With One Last GaffeThe masturbating fetus defense.