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    New York Times Dumps About.com, Says It Needs to Focus on ItselfAnd what to do with the $300 million.
  2. media
    About.com Is a Hot Commodity All of a SuddenBarry Diller’s IAC has made an offer to buy it from the New York Times Company.
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    The New York Times Is Almost Rid of About.comThe content farm may be unloaded for $270 million.
  4. company town
    About.com Chief Steps Down As New ‘Times’ Investors Eye Internet AssetsFINANCE • Scott B. Meyer, the chief of About.com, said yesterday that he would step down next week, on the heels of news that Scott Galloway and his merry band of vagilantes were going to try to pressure its parent company, the New York Times, to change the way they handle internet operations. [NYT] • Two former Wall Streeters take responsibility for insider trading. [WSJ]