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Abraham Lincoln

  1. just asking questions
    Lessons From Lincoln on Solving Today’s Bitterest ConflictsA talk with author John Avlon on how the 16th president’s strategy for post-war peace can still guide America through crisis, at home and abroad.
  2. vision 2024
    A Joe Biden–Liz Cheney 2024 Ticket Won’t Save AmericaThomas Friedman cites an Israeli precedent for his call for a coalition of national salvation. It’s not an apt comparison and probably wouldn’t work.
  3. january 6
    Newt Gingrich Tries and Fails to Use Lincoln to Attack BidenThe former Speaker’s description of Lincoln’s Second Inaugural Address as a “unity” speech suggests he hasn’t read it in a while.
  4. lost causes
    Famous Robert E. Lee Statue Time Capsule Found, for Real This TimeIt appears this is the official box, but the reported “picture of Lincoln lying in his coffin” still hasn’t turned up.
  5. historic disappointments
    Robert E. Lee Statue-Makers Troll Us Via Time CapsuleWhat we were promised: an ultra-rare picture of Lincoln in his coffin. What we got: a soggy photo of some guy who was never even president.
  6. secession
    No, We Can’t Get a National DivorceThere’s growing sentiment for secession, particularly on the right. It should be rejected.
  7. biden inauguration
    Biden Touting Equality Is Anything But RoutineA overlooked theme in Biden’s Inaugural Address is actually key to recovering from Trump.
  8. capitol riot
    Could the 14th Amendment Ban Trump From Holding Office Again?Even if a Trump political comeback isn’t blocked by impeachment, his incitement to insurrection may make him subject to a ban meant for Confederates.
  9. vision 2020
    Trump’s 2016 Gettysburg Address Could Be Tough Act to FollowA 2020 acceptance speech in Gettysburg would invite comparisons to his 2016 “closing argument,” in which he laid out promises he did not often keep.
  10. the party of lincoln
    Trump Suggests His Treatment in the Media Is As Bad As Lincoln’s AssassinationAnd other highlights from the president’s interview with George Stephanopoulos.
  11. 2020 presidential election
    7 House Members Are Eyeing a ’20 Presidential Bid. History Says It’s a Long ShotIt’s been a long time — 140 years, to be exact — since someone has gone from the House to the White House.
  12. monumental investments
    The Lincoln Memorial Is Getting an $18 Million RenovationHappy Presidents’ Day.
  13. how they would have covered it
    How the Media Would Have Covered the Gettysburg AddressBuzzfeed, Upworthy, Fox Nation, and so on. 
  14. monsters
    Some Monster Splattered Green Paint on the Lincoln MemorialPolice are looking for a suspect. 
  15. politics
    Allen West Compares Himself to Abraham LincolnThey do have at least one thing in common.
  16. neighborhood news
    Astor Family Protected From the Gaze of Abraham LincolnOutrage!
  17. bachmann ambition overdrive
    Michele Bachmann Credits Kennedy Quote to LincolnDoesn’t really matter, still kind of funny.
  18. things that happened a while ago
    Abraham Lincoln Jumped Out of a Second-Story Window to Stop a VoteAre the guys in Wisconsin that devoted?
  19. nerds
    Amateur Historian Caught in Boring Lincoln HoaxThis is the best hoax you could come up with?
  20. early and often
    Obama Is Coming to New York TomorrowHe’ll speak at the Cooper Union on financial-regulation reform at a very opportune time.
  21. gossipmonger
    Jake Gyllenhaal Is Trying to Win Reese Witherspoon Back, With Vintage DinnerwareThat would totally work for us. Then again, Jake giving us a Dixie cup would win us back.
  22. gossipmonger
    Revenge? Ellen Barkin? Never!Neither the auction she held to sell off the gifts her ex gave her or her new TV pilot were motivated by revenge against ex Ron Perelman. Also: Guess who Michelle Tractenberg is dating?
  23. early and often
    We Get It, Obama: You’re the New LincolnObama plans to swear in on the same Bible as Honest Abe.
  24. in other news
    While the Rest of Us Flounder, Tony Kushner Ponders: What Would Lincoln Do? Jann Wenner isn’t the only one who finds Barack Obama “Lincolnesque in his own origins, his sobriety and what history now demands.” Tony Kushner is working on a screenplay for Steven Spielberg based on Team of Rivals, Doris Kearns Goodwin’s book about Lincoln’s last two years as president before he was assassinated. “He could bring together people of wildly disparate ideological bents and remind them of the moral core of their visions,” gushed Kushner about Honest Abe last night at a benefit dinner for Gay Men’s Health Crisis. “He brought into his Cabinet people who hated each other.” Would Lincoln, that original Log Cabin Republican, be a GOPer today? “Absolutely not,” the Kush assured. “He was a deeply progressive man and a deep believer in the Constitution. Any party that could make George Bush, who has raped the Constitution, is not one that Abe Lincoln would want anything to do with.” Well! So, uh, WWAD (that’s Who Would Abe Endorse?) in ‘08? Kushner: OHB, of course! “They’re both from Illinois. You can really trace a line from the politics of Lincoln through American pragmatism to the politics of Barack Obama.” Okay. And how would he weigh in on the Spitzer flame-out?
  25. gossipmonger
    ‘Journal’ Takes Beef with Mariane Pearl PublicMariane Pearl, the widow of murdered Wall Street Journal writer Daniel Pearl, and the Journal are no longer on friendly terms. Naomi Campbell told a crowd at a dinner for the Black Action Retail Group that she was done with throwing cellphones. (Her visit to Hugo Chavez also garnered praise from terrorist groups.) Former Giant Tiki Barber will attend the book party of NFL Network host Rich Eisen tonight at the Time Warner Center. Tyra Banks made out with a “gorgeous model type” at Thor in Hotel Rivington. Hilary Duff gave lap dances to a Joel Madden look-alike at Tenjune. Caroline Kennedy Schlossberg ran into her aunt Lee Radziwill at City Center.