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Abu Bakr Al Baghdadi

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    Trump’s Own Officials Question Claim That Baghdadi Was ‘Crying’: ReportThe Pentagon has also failed to confirm Trump’s claim.
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    Press Conference Announcing the Death of al-Baghdadi Was Peak TrumpDehumanizing enemies, claiming he’d upstaged Obama, celebrating violence — Trump brought everything he had to the spectacle.
  3. Is ISIS’s Elusive Leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi Dead?A respected human-rights group says he’s been killed. But ISIS calls it “fake news.” Who’s right?
  4. islamic state watch
    ISIS Leader Reportedly Releases First Message Since MayAbu Bakr al-Baghdadi claimed that recent losses have only made his organization “tougher.”
  5. islamic state watch
    ISIS Leader’s Wife Tried to Move to Lebanon on a Fake PassportCan you blame her for wanting a vacation from Syria?
  6. ISIS May Join Forces With Al QaedaAt least for the time being.