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Abu Ghraib

  1. bad things
    Hundreds of Prisoners Escaped From Abu Ghraib During Violent RaidMany were reportedly senior Al Qaeda officials.
  2. afghanistan
    ‘Kill Team’ Corporal Sentenced to 24 YearsJeremy Morlock was convicted of killing three Afghan civilians.
  3. afghanistan
    Trophy Photos of Army’s ‘Kill Team’ With Afghan Civilians Could Be Worse Than Abu GhraibU.S. and international forces in Afghanistan brace for attacks.
  4. the bush years
    Donald Rumsfeld Regrets Not Going Away SoonerJohn McCain totally agrees.
  5. today in torture
    Pentagon: Nope, No Rape in PhotosThe Pentagon denies an earlier report about the content of prisoner-abuse photos.
  6. today in torture
    Report: Unreleased Abu Ghraib Photos Show RapeA general who compiled a 2004 report on prison abuses in Iraq says the photos Obama has decided not to release contain graphic, devastating imagery.