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  1. trans rights
    Judge Blocks HHS Rollback of Trans Health Care ProtectionsOnce again, the Trump administration is seeking to define sex discrimination on the basis of biological sex.
  2. 2018 midterms
    Six Major Issues to Watch During Midterms — Other Than Who Controls CongressThe main event is the elected officials, but there are lots of important things on the ballot for voters to decide.
  3. aca
    GOP Congressman Overwhelmed by ACA-Supporting ConstituentsA Colorado Republican snuck out of his own event to dodge a group of constituents who came to challenge the repeal of Obamacare.
  4. Obama Touts Trump’s Pragmatism, Implores Him Not to Hastily Repeal the ACAObama spends a news conference showing respectful deference to Trump, while encouraging the president-elect to heed his advice on health care.