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  1. academia
    This Is What a Modern-Day Witch Hunt Looks LikeA bunch of academics are spreading false information about one of their own, leading to a massive and misinformed pile-on.
  2. Potential Trump Science Adviser Says 90 Percent of U.S. Colleges Will DisappearYale computer scientist David Gelernter is a tough critic of academia.
  3. things that took entirely too long
    After 785 Years, Oxford University Finally Decides to Put a Woman in ChargeProfessor Louise Richardson has been nominated to become the first female vice-chancellor at the British institution.
  4. academia
    Lap Dance Expert Compares Stripping to New York City BalletHer arguments will be heard by the New York Court of Appeals in 2012.
  5. tits on a stick
    Academics Back Up Debrahlee Lorenzana’s Claim That Her Cans Got Her CannedJustice for the woman who described herself as “Tits on a Stick.”
  6. papers we are waiting for with bated breath
    Apparently, Naked Mole Rats Have Facebook, Too!!!!!!!!