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  1. the office
    What It Was Like to Work for Ruth Bader Ginsburg“We hired a college student to take care of the babies during the day. We had playpens and cribs and baby carriages.”
  2. legacy
    Honoring Her WishIn conversation with Ruth Bader Ginsburg’s granddaughter, ACLU fellow Clara Spera.
  3. voting rights
    Georgia County Trying to Close Most of Its Polling PlacesThe move is a dramatic attack on voting opportunities in a small county.
  4. South Carolina to Stop Jailing Poor People for Unpaid Traffic TicketsThe state Supreme Court finally realized that debtors’ prisons are unconstitutional. Now, thousands of arrest warrants are being recalled.
  5. Detained Immigrant Obtains Abortion Despite Trump Administration’s EffortsThe Trump administration is claiming a religious-liberty right to interfere with abortions.
  6. ACLU Seeks More Transparency on Drone ‘Kill List’The American Civil Liberties Union wants the Obama administration to release information on people who have been killed by American drones.
  7. spy games
    NSA Spying Sparks Blowback From the ACLU, Tech Giants, and EuropeAnd the first major lawsuit.
  8. hyperbole
    It’s Really Hard to Get ‘Beyond Orwellian,’ and President Obama Isn’t Even Close“Orwellian” is pretty damn bad.
  9. war on terror
    Obama Administration Justifies Killing Citizens as ACLU’s Jaw DropsAttorney General Eric Holder gave a speech defending the policy today.
  10. gays in the military
    ACLU Challenges Another Military Rule That Penalizes GaysThe ACLU sues to repeal a rule that halves severance pay for those discharged due to “homosexual conduct.”