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  1. the city politic
    We Will Never Forget James DavisTwenty years after he was gunned down inside City Hall, the Brooklyn city councilman’s legacy lives on.
  2. power
    Life After ParklandA shooting at their high school turned X González into an activist, a celebrity, a “survivor” — and the pressure almost killed them.
  3. the system
    Protests Are Wrong Until They’re RightAnimal-rights activists have been ridiculed for interrupting the NBA playoffs. They’re in good company.
  4. black lives matter
    The Freedom Fighters of FloridaSocial-justice history is made by the young.
  5. black lives matter
    The Lure of White MartyrdomAmerican mythology has always cast Black liberation as the villain.
  6. israel
    U.S. Discourse Is Growing More Pro-Palestinian. U.S. Policy Isn’t.Several factors have led liberals and newsrooms to become more sympathetic to Palestinian misery, creating a dissonance with the official U.S. stance.
  7. games
    The Athletes Have More to SayAthlete activism is the new normal — and organizations like LeBron James’s More Than a Vote are here to stay.
  8. just asking questions
    What the Hell Is Going on in Chile? A Protester Explains.With 20 people dead and the military in the streets, South America’s wealthiest nation grapples with extreme inequality — and it’s own history.
  9. Activist Erica Garner Reportedly Brain-dead After Heart AttackThe daughter of Eric Garner is 27 years old.
  10. This Poll Is the Best News Liberals Have Had in a Long TimeThe Women’s March is twice as popular as the tea party once was — and Democratic women are increasing their political engagement in large numbers.
  11. select all
    Here’s What You Can Learn From 40 Million Black Lives Matter TweetsTweets from 4.4 million unique users reveal a few things about how online activism has operated for the last few years
  12. in conversation
    In Conversation: DeRay MckessonThe activist talks about the new civil-rights movement he helped launch, the conspiracy theories he’s inspired, and that blue vest.
  13. civil rights
    Civil-Rights Icon Julian Bond Has DiedThe lifelong champion of minority rights was 75.
  14. encounter
    Protesting Student Debt With Astra TaylorThe anti-debt activist (and indie-rock guitarist and documentary filmmaker) goes to Washington.
  15. 15 Voices From the People’s Climate March“I’m a child, why am I worrying about this thing, I should just do it. And so I came out here and did it.”
  16. kids today
    Hipster PAC Downtown 4 Democracy Eats Well With PurposeThis is how Brooklyn does political fund-raising.
  17. the internet
    What Happened to the Kony 2012 Campaign?The sequel video is due out this week.
  18. occupy wall street
    Labor Unions and Leftist Groups Prepare to Join Occupy Wall Street As Protesters Settle InOld lefty guard set to stand with the kids.
  19. ai weiwei
    Ai Weiwei Reveals Details of His Difficult IncarcerationPolice told him: “Now it’s time for us to give you trouble.”
  20. ai weiwei
    Chinese Authorities Release Ai Weiwei on Bail After Three Months in JailCelebrate by visiting his installation outside the Plaza.