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    Supreme Court Won’t Intervene to Protect Gun Manufacturer From Sandy Hook SuitFamilies of victims will have the chance to show marketing of the weapon used in the massacre violated state laws, which could set a huge precedent.
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    Connecticut Supreme Court Rules to Allow Sandy Hook Relatives to Sue GunmakersThe U.S. Supreme Court may step in and stop the Connecticut suit, but it could expose the strategies by which gunmakers market their deadly wares.
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    Newtown Families Settle Suits Against Lanza Estate for $1.5 MillionEach family involved will receive $93,750.
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    Newtown Shooter’s House Has Been DemolishedNeighbors said it was a “constant reminder of the evil that resided there.”
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    Sandy Hook Shooter’s Home Will Be Destroyed They will keep the site as an open space.
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    Newtown Now Owns Sandy Hook Shooter Adam Lanza’s HomeBecause, understandably, no one wants to buy it.
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    Adam Lanza’s Father: ‘He Would Have Killed Me’He doesn’t think he could have predicted the massacre.
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    Adam Lanza Compared Violent Chimp to ‘Teenage Mall Shooter’ in Radio CallSaid 2009 mauling was like “random acts of violence” by humans.
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    Connecticut Police Release Sandy Hook Documents More grim details.
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    Extremely Intense Sandy Hook Video Pleads for Gun ControlThe ad will air on television to mark the one-year anniversary of the killings.
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    Should You Listen to the Newtown 911 Calls?Probably not.
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    Sandy Hook Report Finds No ‘Conclusive Motive’The question of why “may never be answered.”
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    Adam Lanza’s Online Life As Kaynbred: Guns, WikiAs a teenager, the Sandy Hook shooter talked firearms.
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    Lanza’s Gun Shop Had Hundreds of ViolationsThe Connecticut store lost its license, eventually.
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    Adam Lanza’s Gun Dealer Loses License For an undisclosed reason.
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    Connecticut Finally Figures Out a Post-Newtown Gun-Control PlanBans high-capacity magazines and many more assault weapons.
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    The Lanza Home Was a Veritable Arsenal of Guns, Knives, and AmmoThe FBI’s search warrants were released today.
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    Newtown Parents Needed to Tell Adam Lanza’s Father SomethingOne couple became the first to meet with Peter Lanza.
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    Adam Lanza Had World’s Biggest, Worst Spreadsheet“It had to have taken years. It sounded like a doctoral thesis.”
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    Adam Lanza Studied ‘Virtually Every Mass Murder’According to a new report.
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    Sources Claim Adam Lanza Was Inspired by Norway MassacreBut police say the story is “all speculation.”
  22. Lanza Wore Earplugs During Newtown MassacreSo there’s that.
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    FBI Ran a Record Number of Background Checks for Gun Owners in 2012Most of them in December.
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    Adam Lanza’s Father Claims Body Peter Lanza hadn’t spoke to his son in two years.
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    Add One More Thing to the List of ‘Things the Media Got Wrong About Newtown’Adam Lanza wasn’t wearing a bulletproof vest.
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    Geneticists to Study Adam Lanza’s DNABut some worry it could do more harm than good.
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    Nancy Lanza Is Rarely Counted As a Sandy Hook VictimAlthough she was the first person killed in the attack.
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    Obama ‘Actively’ Supports Assault-Weapon Ban After NewtownThe White House said the president “wants to move in the coming weeks.”
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    Adam Lanza’s Computer May Not Yield AnswersIt may be impossible to recover the data.
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    Adam Lanza Had No Known Connection to Sandy HookDespite confusion in earlier reports, police now say Lanza had no recent ties to the school.
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    Adam Lanza’s Mother Is Not AloneMoms set off a national dialogue on mental illness.
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    Newtown Funerals to Begin Without AnswersThe first children will be buried today as authorities continue their investigation.
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    Asperger’s Is a Red Herring to Explain the Newtown MassacreIt’s one reported component of a still-unknown personality.
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    Newtown Shooter Adam Lanza’s Mother Was an Avid Gun CollectorNancy Lanza, who was killed by her son before he opened fire on Sandy Hook, was also remembered as both “warm” and “high-strung.” 
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    Authorities Slowly Uncover Details of NewtownThousands gathered for a candlelight tribute to 27 victims of gunman Adam Lanza.