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  1. early and often
    Steve Garvey Gives California Republicans Hope in 2024 Senate RaceThe former baseball star won’t win, but he could keep the general election from becoming an all-Democratic contest.
  2. early and often
    House Republicans’ ‘Sham’ Censure Was a Gift to Adam SchiffThe House GOP censured Schiff as retaliation for serving as Trump’s tormentor. But the Californian clearly thinks the move will boost his Senate bid.
  3. early and often
    Will Feinstein Be Pushed Into Resigning After All?Democrats need a senator present to approve Biden’s judges. But if Feinstein resigns, it could scramble an already complicated race to succeed her.
  4. early and often
    3 House Democrats Will Face Off in California’s Senate RaceRo Khanna declined to run and endorsed Barbara Lee, setting up a race between Lee, Adam Schiff, and Katie Porter for Dianne Feinstein’s seat.
  5. the national interest
    GOP’s Refusal to Oversee Trump’s Emergency Power Is an Invitation to CorruptionTrump labels any oversight of his power a “witch hunt,” and his party is going along.
  6. impeachment
    In Apparent Threat, Trump Says Schiff Has ‘Not Paid the Price’ for ImpeachmentSchiff said Trump’s tweet was “intended to be” a threat, days after audio emerged of the president telling associates to “take out” an ambassador.
  7. impeachment
    What We Learned on Day Five of the Trump Impeachment TrialTeam Trump took just two hours to preview their case, which mostly revolves around the claim that House Democrats have no real evidence.
  8. the national interest
    Republicans Feign Anger at Schiff ‘Head on Pike’ Speech to Justify CowardiceSenators threaten to cover up presidential crimes because they’re upset the Democrat quoted a news report.
  9. impeachment
    What We Learned on Day Four of the Trump Impeachment TrialHouse impeachment managers wrapped up by arguing that Trump’s obstruction of Congress was egregious and ongoing. Next up: the White House’s defense.
  10. impeachment
    Republicans Warming to Idea of Calling Their Own Trump Trial WitnessesThe thinking is that if Democrats get John Bolton into the dock, the president should get an impeachment witness he wants, like Hunter or Joe Biden.
  11. impeachment
    What We Learned on Day Two of the Trump Impeachment TrialHouse Democrats got a chance to lay out their case without interruption, as Trump raged and senators schemed in the background.
  12. capitol report
    What It’s Like to Manage an Impeachment Trial in the U.S. Senate“This is on live TV with a billion people watching. If I say anything stupid my grandkids are going to be seeing it on the History Channel.”
  13. impeachment
    Pelosi Appoints Impeachment Managers, to Be Led by Adam SchiffThe managers will trigger the Senate trial once they present articles of impeachment.
  14. impeachment
    House to Trigger Senate Impeachment Trial in Wednesday VotePelosi says the House will vote Wednesday to name impeachment managers, which likely means Trump’s Senate trial will start next week.
  15. impeachment
    Trump Suggests Adam Schiff Be Subject to Guatemalan Justice for Paraphrasing HimIn front of President Jimmy Morales, Trump said if Schiff were in Guatemala, he’d be punished for paraphrasing him: “They handle things much tougher.”
  16. trump impeachment
    Senate Republicans Push Back Against Trump’s Impeachment Show TrialTrump is now promoting a lengthy counter-trial that may alienate some Republicans, but Mitch McConnell is resisting him.
  17. impeachment
    House Democrats Announce Two Articles of Impeachment Against TrumpTrump is charged with abuse of power and obstructing Congress.
  18. trump impeachment
    Trump Warms to Idea of a Long Impeachment Show TrialAfter pushing Senate Republicans for no trial, or at least a quick one, Trump may try to put the Bidens and other Democrats on trial in the Senate.
  19. trump impeachment
    Pelosi Announces Trump Impeachment SprintLooks like the House will adopt articles of impeachment in three areas involving investigations of foreign election interference — and do it quickly.
  20. trump impeachment
    Republicans Offer Feisty Trump Defense at House Judiciary Impeachment HearingUnlike Devin Nunes, Doug Collins doesn’t ask you to accept wild right-wing conspiracy theories. But he and his colleagues want to convey pure outrage.
  21. impeachment
    House Intelligence Committee Sends Report to Judiciary, Setting Up ImpeachmentNow the venue for impeachment shifts to the Judiciary Committee, which will draft formal articles of impeachment.
  22. trump impeachment
    It’s Decision Time on Trump’s Impeachment: Narrow or Broad?Getting impeachment done quickly could make a narrow range of articles necessary, though obstruction of Congress and of justice is on the table.
  23. impeachment
    Washington’s Jam-packed December Will Cast a Long Shadow on 2020With impeachment proceedings, a big DoJ report on the Russia investigation, and a possible government shutdown in play, it could get crazy.
  24. impeachment
    How Nadler’s Impeachment Hearings Will Differ From Schiff’sEach day of the upcoming House Judiciary hearings will be long and perhaps even more contentious than what we’ve already seen.
  25. impeachment
    How a Tweet from Trump Scrambled the GOP’s Impeachment StrategyEven the best laid plans are no match for a president who can’t stop weighing in.
  26. impeachment recap
    Weekly Impeachment Recap: Mainstream-Cable Jetsons Meet the Fox News FlintstonesThis week’s installment of impeachment was a crossover episode — a Jetsons Meet the Flintstones for the Hannity and Maddow Cinematic Universes.
  27. impeachment
    House Dems Want to Give America an Impeachment Christmas PresentBy eschewing litigation and hard-to-secure witnesses, Pelosi, Schiff, Nadler, and the rest are on a fast track to a pre-Christmas Trump impeachment.
  28. impeachment season
    Trump’s New Impeachable Offenses Threaten Pelosi’s Narrow Focus on UkraineHow do you decide how to impeach a president who won’t stop committing high crimes and misdemeanors? That’s a tough question for House Democrats.
  29. impeachment
    Somebody Explain to Trump That ‘Traitors’ Schiff and Pelosi Cannot Be ImpeachedTrump’s rage toward those pursuing his impeachment follows his M.O. of accusing his accusers of whatever he’s done, even if it’s unconstitutional.
  30. the national interest
    Trump: People Accusing Me of Politicizing Investigations Should Be InvestigatedIt’s like a person accused of murder who becomes enraged during the trial and tries to strangle the prosecutor.
  31. the national interest
    Trump Administration Covering Up His Disturbing Offer to Foreign LeaderWhat about his phone calls?
  32. mueller time
    Adam Schiff Tells a Story of Disloyalty to Country, Greed, and LiesThe Intelligence Committee chairman provided the most compelling statement of the day.
  33. mueller report
    Robert Mueller to Testify Before House Committees on July 17The House Judiciary and Intelligence committees issued subpoenas for the special counsel to testify publicly, despite his reluctance to do so.
  34. mueller time
    Schiff–DOJ Deal for Mueller Documents Slows Down Impeachment MomentumNancy Pelosi may have obtained a temporary reprieve from pressure to initiate impeachment proceedings against a stonewalling president.
  35. the national interest
    The President As Adolescent BullyTrump’s bullying nicknames have become mini-events celebrated by his fans.
  36. 2020 election
    Kamala Harris Updates Obama’s Winning Strategy for 2020Twelve years after Obama’s breakthrough, it’s unclear Harris can emulate it given a giant field and polarized politics.
  37. House Republicans Are Trying to Thwart Dem Russia ProbeHouse Intel chairman Devin Nunes is denying Democrats use of conference rooms, among other things, in hopes of crippling their Russia probe.
  38. Trump: ‘They Are Laughing Their Asses Off in Moscow’In a barrage of tweets, the definitely-not-rattled president went off on a range of subjects.
  39. release the memo
    Trump Will Not Release Democrat’s Rebuttal MemoThe president is suddenly a lot more concerned about the opinions of law enforcement officials.
  40. House Intelligence Committee Votes to Release Democratic Rebuttal of Nunes MemoNow it’s up to the president whether he wants the public to see it.
  41. Trump Accuses Adam Schiff of Lying, LeakingOne takeaway: The president really needs to come up with some new nicknames.
  42. Nunes Could Accomplish the Hard Task of Making Himself Vulnerable Back HomeThe House Intelligence Committee chairman is from a pretty safe red district. But he’s going out of his way to paint a bull’s-eye on his own back.
  43. The House Intel Committee Is Planning to Subpoena Mike FlynnThe former national security adviser is highly sought after on Capitol Hill.
  44. Schiff Says Nunes Canceled Russia Hearing to Protect TrumpThe Republican House Intelligence chair abruptly canceled an open hearing Friday. The committee’s ranking Democrat cries foul.
  45. A Congressman Accused Donald Trump and Tucker Carlson of Working for the KremlinAdam Schiff had it out with the Fox host over alleged Russian hacking.