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  1. Rate of Babies Born to Opioid Addicted Mothers QuadruplesAnother study shows that workers in industries with high injury risk die of opioid overdoses more often than workers in other professions.
  2. Ben Carson May Be Planning an Intervention For Twitter-Addict Donald Trump“He knows that it’s a problem,” Carson said of Trump’s tweeting. “And the first part of solving the problem is recognizing that it exists.”
  3. recovery
    What It’s Like to Be on the Heroin-Blocking Drug VivitrolThere’s only ordinary life to contemplate — in all its beauty and banality.
  4. tech nightmares
    Guy Who Used Google Glass for 18 Hours a Day Got Addicted to Being a GlassholeA special case of “internet addiction disorder.”
  5. internet
    Addiction Ruined This Man’s LifeHe lost friends, two jobs, and his marriage.
  6. drugs
    Ohio Has a Prescription Drug ProblemCompanies can’t find prospective employees who can pass drug tests.
  7. new media
    Maer Roshan Launches Hilarious New Site About AddictionIt includes rehab reviews!
  8. high times
    Enterprising Drug Ring Sold Oxy Out of Ice Cream TruckHave an oxy with your Choco Taco!
  9. high times
    New York City’s Drug Epidemic — Now With Twice As Much Oxy!One million prescriptions were filled in 2010.
  10. science
    iPhone Addiction Is for Real, Says Stanford StudyNow that you mention it, our iPod has been acting way passive-aggressive recently.
  11. intel
    David Carr on Crack: The ‘Times’ Columnist’s Recovery MemoirWe got our hands on an advance copy of Carr’s ‘The Night of the Gun,’ in which he describes his long life of drug abuse and recovery.