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Adolf Hitler

  1. deaths
    Hitler’s Still-Faithful Bodyguard Dead at 96He insisted he didn’t know about the Holocaust.
  2. bad ideas
    Father of ‘Adolf Hitler’ Fights for Custody in Nazi UniformGood luck with that.
  3. things that look like hitler
    The Hitler Teapot Is No MoreBut it can still be yours for $199 on eBay!
  4. things that look like hitler
    Teapot Happens to Look Exactly Like Hitler [Updated]J.C. Penney is getting some unwanted attention today. 
  5. Serving As Hitler’s Food-Taster Had Its Pros and ConsCons: Constant threat of instant death. 
  6. things that happened a long time ago
    Hitler Was a FarterIn case you were on the fence about Hitler. 
  7. mea culpas
    In Retrospect, Hank Williams Jr. Wishes He Didn’t Make That Hitler CommentHe’s just so passionate, is all.
  8. nazi feline puppies!!!!!!!
    Meet Kitler, the British Cat That Looks Like HitlerMan, British people really like finding things that look like Hitler.
  9. photo op
    According to the Internet, This House Looks Like HitlerTake a look.
  10. early and awkward
    Very Old New Hampshire Legislator Wants to Send the Defectives to SiberiaHe admits that he is kind of acting like Hitler.
  11. photo op
    Here Is Eva Braun Posing in BlackfaceYup!
  12. Hitler FailHe’s probably of North African or Jewish descent.
  13. oliver stone
    Oliver Stone Defends Hitler, Says Media Is Dominated by JewsThe director issues apology after widespread criticism.
  14. science is ruining yom kippur
    A 120-Year-Old Hitler Might Be Walking Around SomewhereNew tests on Hitler’s skull reveal that … it’s not Hitler’s skull.
  15. gossipmonger
    Mariah Carey Invites You to Her Registry, Not Her WeddingPlus, gossip about Tommy Hilfiger, Lily Allen, Uma Thurman, and Farrah Fawcett in our daily column roundup.
  16. gossipmonger
    Here’s … Billy?Billy Crystal is looking to take over a late-night talk show. Jimmy Fallon proposed to longtime girlfriend Nancy Juvonen. Brett Ratner won’t make as much money from Rush Hour 3 as he could have because it didn’t meet expectations at the box office. A White House staffer didn’t recognize David Beckham and asked if he was a friend or relative of the president. Val Kilmer dropped out of playing Adolph Hitler in Hebrew Hammer 2 because he was either scared or too bloated. Staffers at now-defunct Green Stone Media are complaining that the site won’t file for bankruptcy because founders Jane Fonda and Gloria Steinem don’t want to be embarrassed.