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  1. the zucc
    Facebook’s Election Rules Are No Match for Bloomberg’s BillionsThe billionaire has crafted aggressive social-media campaigns that adhere to the letter of the law but not the spirit.
  2. vision 2020
    How Bloomberg Could Shake the 2020 Race on Super TuesdayThe billionaire probably can’t win the nomination, but his monstrous spending could create big problems for survivors of the early state contests.
  3. reach
    Twitter Bans Political AdvertisingJack Dorsey thinks politicians shouldn’t be able to pay to give their ideas artificial reach.
  4. mobile gaming
    The Story Behind Those Bizarre, Incredible Lily’s Garden AdsA mobile game about gardening has spawned a mysterious and intriguing ad campaign.
  5. dot com bowl
    Revisiting the Ads From 2000’s ‘Dot-Com Super Bowl’The average price for a 30-second website ad at the 2000 Super Bowl was $2.2 million. It wasn’t enough to save most of these early internet companies.
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    Twitter’s Latest Attempt at Nuance Could BackfireMainstream outlets will be exempt from the site’s political-ad policies.
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    One of YouTube’s Biggest Clients Is Back to Buying AdsProcter & Gamble has returned, but will screen every video before putting ads on it.
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    Facebook Shuts Down Third-party Ad PartnershipsIt’ll slightly inconvenience anyone trying to target you.
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    Thanks to Facebook, the Cheapest Way to Run a Campaign Is SensationalismHow Facebook ads trigger a feedback loop to boost candidates like Trump.
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    50,000 YouTube Channels Have Lost Ads Amid Crackdown on Kid ContentMaybe advertisers will come back now.
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    Did Russia’s Facebook Ads Actually Swing the Election?If you’re most worried about ads, you’re missing the bigger picture.
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    Here’s What the Senate Bill Regulating Online Political Ads Looks LikeThe practice of “dark ads” might be coming to an end.
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    This Is What Neutrality Means to FacebookLarge ad platforms actively help their clients, even when those clients conflict with their own values.
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    Sheryl Sandberg Wants Facebook’s Defense to Be About Free Speech. It’s Not.Facebook has no problem letting advertisers state untrue claims.
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    Facebook Will Hire 1,000 Ad Moderators As It Turns Evidence Over to CongressThe company would prefer not to be a tool in electoral disruption again.
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    Election Interference Is What Facebook Is Built ForThe company shouldn’t be surprised that its platform is being used as designed.
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    Facebook to Congress: We Sold Ads to the RussiansAnother wrinkle in the Russia investigation.
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    Facebook Claims to Reach More 18–34-Year-Olds Than Actually ExistThey make the metrics; they define the rules.
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    Google Has Started Testing a Built-in Ad-Blocker for ChromeThe built-in ad-blocker is now available to Chrome Canary users.
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    Oh Goody, Facebook Messenger Is Getting AdsThe company initially tested the ads with users in Thailand and Australia.
  21. Montana Special-Election Candidates Shoot Screens With GunsTo prove he supports gun rights, Democrat Rob Quist shot a screen with a gun. To prove Quist opposes gun rights, his rival shot a screen with a gun.
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    One Intern Clicked on 12,000 Websites to Make Sure a Bank’s Ads Were AppropriateThey might be less effective, and they’re showing up alongside racist videos.
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    As a Subscription Service, Medium Might Actually SurviveWould you pay $5 a month for start-up aphorisms?
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    YouTube to Ditch Its Longest Unskippable AdsNo more waiting half a minute to get to your content.
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    Google Has Banned Hundreds of Web Publishers From Its Ad PlatformA policy change that was meant to disincentivize fake news.
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    Instagram Stories Testing Ads Because Nothing Gold Can StayIt was only a matter of time. After all, Snapchat has ads.
  27. Facebook to Let Users Opt Out of Seeing Triggering AdsSome users can now block ads related to parenting and alcohol.
  28. select all
    Google and Facebook Won’t Allow Ads on Fake-News SitesThe decision will go a long way to helping solve the problem of fake news online.
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    Facebook Won’t Let Advertisers Exclude by Race for Certain PostsAds about housing, jobs, and credit can no longer be filtered.
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    Advertisers Can Exclude Facebook Users by ‘Ethnic Affinity’ (Which Means Race)Doing so could violate federal laws.
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    Snapchat’s New Ad System Seems Awfully FamiliarGood news for Snapchat. Possibly not so good news for publishers.
  32. Hillary Clinton Opts Out of Airing Weather Channel Ads During Hurricane MatthewThe Democratic nominee decided the extra eyeballs weren’t worth the risk of backlash.
  33. People in Old Tech Ads Were Really Far Too Excited About Their Little DevicesNot sure how you can be this happy about anything, really.
  34. today in donald trump
    Trump Campaign Plans $140 Million Ad Buy It Can’t Yet AffordThey only had $50 million on hand about three weeks ago.
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    Twitter Will Start Showing Ads Alongside VideoVideo publishers can get a generous revenue split by showing ads around their video.
  36. Here’s How to See What Facebook Thinks You LikeFacebook thinks I live far from my family and enjoy personal computing.
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    Say Good-bye to the Email InterstitialA popular inconvenience meets its match in Google.
  38. Donald Trump’s First Ad Begins With an Excuse for Why He Will LoseThe GOP nominee’s first general-election ad attacks Hillary … and the legitimacy of American democracy.
  39. Donald Trump Will Finally Pay Money to Be on TVThe GOP candidate will air the first television advertisements of his general-election campaign in four states this Friday.
  40. Clinton Campaign Releases Sequel to Famous Anti-Goldwater AdIn 1964, lifelong Republican Bill Bogert told television viewers why he couldn’t bring himself to support the GOP nominee. In 2016, Bogert is back, to do the very same thing.
  41. New Clinton Ad: ‘Won’t Somebody Please Think of the Children?’Clinton’s newest attack ad features Donald Trump’s most controversial statements — and a whole lot of impressionable children.
  42. Love Ads? Boy, Do We Have the Phone for YouTake a discount on your phone in exchange for staring at ads all day.
  43. Twitter Is Targeting Ads Based on Emoji Use, So Get Ready for Baba Ghanoush AdsEggplant. Eggplant. Eggplant.
  44. Snapchat’s New Ads Are Going to Drive Me Crazy, But I’ll Still Watch ThemWant to watch your friend’s stories? You’re going to have to watch some ads.
  45. Pro-Clinton Group Defines Donald Trump As a Bully of the DisabledPriorities USA’s new ad highlights Trump’s mockery of a disabled reporter (and reveals the Democrats’ hopes for an anti-Trump landslide).
  46. Samsung Wants to Put More Ads on Your Smart TVJust what you wanted.
  47. Google Will Ban Payday Loan Advertisements Later This YearThe company takes a stand against predatory lenders.
  48. Hillary Clinton Wasted No Time Before Using Republicans’ Word Against TrumpClinton’s new ad features prominent Republicans describing their presumptive nominee as a “know-nothing” “con artist” who loves making fun of disabled people.
  49. YouTube Says Its New, Unskippable Ads Are Like Poems, Is Confused What Poems AreYou can’t skip these ads,/They’ll roll out later this spring,/Google says they’re poems?
  50. Donald Trump Takes Big Swing at ‘Little Marco’ in Florida AdThe GOP civil war is taking over Florida’s airwaves
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