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  1. remembrance
    George Lois, the Impossible Ad ManThe madman (but not a Mad Man, he was quick to tell you) behind Maypo, MTV, and Muhammad Ali’s Esquire cover has died at 91.
  2. the zucc
    The Real Reason Facebook Won’t Ban Political AdsThe company has made it impossible for brands and campaigns alike to reach Facebook users through posts.
  3. vision 2020
    September Democratic Primary Debates: Who’s in, Who’s OutThe good news is that there will probably be only one debate in September. The bad news is that there might be two in October.
  4. media
    Is Google Really Skimming Billions of Dollars in Revenue From the News Industry?A flawed new study claims that Google is raking it in while journalism fights for scraps.
  5. the city
    Barging In: City Suit Seeks to Sink Sailing SignageA new lawsuit from the de Blasio administration aims to ground a Florida company that has been floating billboards in New York waters since last fall.
  6. life in pixels
    Can Subscriptions Save All Media Companies, or Just the New York Times?After weeks of grim news out of the media industry, the Times’ revenue numbers are a bright spot.
  7. facebook
    Facebook Risks Losing the Trust of Its Only Real CustomersFacebook can stand to piss off every group except one: the advertisers who actually spend money on the social network.
  8. sports
    Nike Debuts Colin Kaepernick Ad, Conservatives Protest by Burning Their Own GearNike’s move appears less risky when you consider that Kaep’s protests are most unpopular with older white Republicans – not their core demographic.
  9. select all
    How to Succeed in Advertising (and Transform the Internet While You’re At It)Programmatic built the modern internet. And Right Media, inventors of the first ad exchange, built programmatic advertising.
  10. select all
    You Can Now See Who’s Paying for Political Ads on Facebook and InstagramFacebook starts attaching disclosure statements to political advertising.
  11. select all
    The Man Who Invented the Pop-up Ad on the Original Sin of AdvertisingA conversation with the inventor of the pop-up ad on the web’s lost decade.
  12. Why Those Fake-Poetry Subway Ads Are So AnnoyingRoses are red / Violets are blue / Imitating poetry / Is a bad look for you.
  13. select all
    Did Facebook Really Charge Trump Less for Advertising?Did they?
  14. Twitter Bans Marsha Blackburn’s Ad, Giving Her Senate Campaign a BoostThe company objected to a line about “baby body parts” because it’s “inflammatory.” The real issue is that it’s false.
  15. select all
    How Facebook Advertisers Exploited Teens Who Felt ‘Worthless’The company helped advertisers to target “moments when young people need a confidence boost.”
  16. select all
    YouTube Scrambling After Big Brands Drop Ads Over Extremist VideosThe ads were running alongside offensive YouTube content.
  17. select all
    Snapchat Asked Anti-Gun Organization to Pay to Keep NRA Ads Off Its VideosThe debacle happened while trying to create content for National Gun Violence Awareness Day.
  18. Why Top Brands Don’t Want to ‘Make America Great Again’It has become “nearly impossible to effectively build a cool urban lifestyle brand” without distancing your company from Donald Trump.
  19. the sports section
    Ads Are Officially Coming to NBA JerseysStarting in 2017–18.
  20. the sports section
    The NBA Inches Closer to Putting Ads on UniformsWill other leagues follow?
  21. fair is fair
    GOP Candidates Get Free Airtime on NBCThe spots will be aired on 18 NBC affiliates in Iowa, New Hampshire, and South Carolina.
  22. media
    Droga5 and the Art of the SellIt wants to be the consummate modern advertising agency. Don Draper would approve.
  23. media
    Droga5 and the Art of the Sell, A Half-Century After Mad MenIt wants to be the consummate modern advertising agency. Don Draper would approve.
  24. advertising
    Nationwide Bought Dead-Kid Super Bowl Ad Solely to ‘Start a Conversation’How dare you suggest they wanted to sell insurance.
  25. hummus wars
    The Other Front in the Israel-Palestine Conflict: Hummus Ads“You’re either a member or you’re not,” says the slogan.
  26. life imitating minority report
    Things That Are Spying on You: Recycling BinsA brand of recycling bins in London tracks what you’re doing, thanks to your phone. 
  27. stand clear of the closing doors
    MTA Might Rename Subway Stations for Some AdvertisersNot just anybody, though.
  28. hipsters
    Pennsylvania Ad Agency Looking to Hire a Hipster for … Something [Updated]Here’s their ad. 
  29. stand clear of the closing doors
    At Least the Subway’s Middle East Ad War Is ProfitableThose “savages” ads seem less annoying … but just slightly.
  30. scandal-stained wretches
    The Atlantic President’s Memo on Scientology“We most certainly should not speak to the press.”
  31. stand clear of the closing doors
    Starting Today, Your MetroCard May Double As a Gap AdAnd a 20 percent off coupon.
  32. stand clear of the closing doors
    City Turns MetroCards Into Portable BillboardsIt’s like having Times Square right in your pocket.
  33. health insurance
    Health Insurers Hope to Fix Image With Sappy Ads, Rewards PointsLess of a priority: Approving more claims.
  34. the national interest
    Chrysler and Clint Make Obama’s Day (and Ruin Karl Rove’s)Optimism is good for business, and incumbents.
  35. jews
    ‘Christmas Quality, Hanukkah Pricing’ Vodka Ad The Anti-Defamation League has demanded that the billboard be removed.
  36. occupy wall street
    Building the Brand: Grading Occupy Wall Street Protest SignsAn ad exec and PR professional assess the movement’s signs and slogans.
  37. myspace
    Years After Most People, Rupert Murdoch Finally Quits MySpaceNews Corp. sells the property to Specific Media for $35 million.
  38. it’s science
    Advertisers Examining Whether Monkeys Are As Dumb As HumansDoes sex sell monkey food?
  39. real estate
    Twitter Moves a Few Blocks Down From Facebook on Madison AvenuePlease don’t start calling it Silicon Avenue. We beseech you.
  40. smoking
    The DOJ Has Some Ideas for Tobacco Companies’ New Advertising CampaignThe proposed ad copy spots just short of, “We kill you for the money.”
  41. obits
    Remembering Phyllis Robinson: The Original Mad Woman“There were women writers before Phyllis, but they wrote about beauty products,” he said. “At DDB, Phyllis had the authority to work on whatever the hell she wanted to, baby.”
  42. the future is coming
    FTC Contemplates a ‘Do Not Track’ ButtonPress to keep your privacy.
  43. blog-stained wretches
    So a Couple of Things Are Happening to Gawker MediaSome of it you’ll see, some of it you won’t.
  44. drinking
    Anti-Binge-Drinking Ads Advise a Different Coping Mechanism for the HolidaysHave you tried meditation?
  45. integration
    Magazines Now Just Attacking the Internet DirectlyA wise choice.
  46. internet-stained wretches
    Expect More Ads on Your Internet, PeopleInternet advertising hit a record high of $6.4 billion in the third quarter.
  47. facebook
    Facebook Seems to Be Telling Advertisers You Are GayYou know, if you ARE gay.
  48. who’s laughing last liberals?
    Christine O’Donnell Hires Carly Fiorina’s Ad ManExpect demon sheep.
  49. stand clear of the closing doors
    MTA Introduces Video Screens to SubwayJust on the 42nd Street shuttle, for now.
  50. twitter
    Twitter Ads to Soon Be Targeted Based on Who You FollowAnd be careful what you search for!
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