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  1. advertising
    Why Make Expensive Ads When You Can Have a Shirtless Man Talk to Your Customers?How Old Spice created their marathon of Internet ads.
  2. gays
    Gay Advertising Market Grew in 2009 Despite General Ad DeclineThose gays never stopped consuming, apparently.
  3. red bulls without a cause
    Red Bull Has Inserted a Full-Length Magazine Into Today’s New York TimesBut why?
  4. cnn
    Despite Ratings Trouble, CNN Profits Continue to RiseNetwork’s website and mobile site at the top.
  5. slogans
    ‘If You See Something, Say Something’: The ‘Homeland Security Equivalent’ of ‘Just Do It’Slogan was created by a Manhattan adman.
  6. media metamorphoses
    Weekend Edition to Be ‘Much Expanded in the Coming Months’They’re really going after that consumer advertising.
  7. ink-stained wretches
    If Journal New York Section Succeeds, Expect Versions for Other Cities“There are other parts of the country that we would look on as potential next steps.”
  8. twitter
    Twitter Finally Launches Advertising ProgramYou’ll soon start seeing “promoted tweets” on the massive social-media site.
  9. ink-stained wretches
    This Is How the Times Envisions You, ReadersYou’re kind of nerdy, wear expensive clothes, and have really good skin.
  10. in other news
    CNN Adds Unaccredited ‘Out of Home’ Ratings to Bolster Declining ViewershipNow they’re going to guarantee that lots of people are watching the network in bars, airports, and in TV stores.
  11. advertising
    The High-Stakes, Cutthroat World of Toilet-Wipe AdvertisingDon Draper would have a heart attack if he saw this Madison Avenue battle.
  12. weird things
    NYMag.com Commenters Go ProMartell, Till07, Wallfly, and others are in a new HSBC ad. Weird.
  13. early and awesome
    Congressman Peter King Has Awakened a Sleeping GiantMichael Jackson fans are mobilizing against their new common enemy.
  14. oh albany!
    State Senators Were Able to Enjoy the Holiday Weekend After AllGovernor Paterson: heart of gold.
  15. equal rites
    Assemblyman Daniel O’Donnell: I Still Believe Marriage Equality Is ComingEven though the landscape of Albany has been dramatically upheaved, one advocate at least still sees hope.
  16. made-off
    Ruth Madoff Hangs On To Palm Beach EstateFlorida law could stop creditors from seizing the mansion built with $9.4 million worth of other people’s money.
  17. media deathwatch
    The Media Climate Gets Hotter and HauterMore bad signs of the times, and more publications that are pretending times are better than they really are.
  18. monsters
    The Montauk Monster Hits the Small ScreenAnd he’s much more cuddly than the last time we saw him.
  19. early and awesome
    Happy Birthday, Rod Blagojevich!To celebrate, Obama’s Senate seat is on eBay for the highest bidder!
  20. What Would You Put on Seventeen Stories in Times Square?There’s a new giant billboard in Times Square just waiting for your input.
  21. blog-stained wretches
    Nick Denton on Media: We Are All ‘Sleepwalking Into Economic Extinction’According to the Gawker Media chief, there’s hope for quick-thinking Internet companies. Big conglomerates, sorry, it’s too late.
  22. early and often
    Obama May Have Already Stepped in It With the Auto-Industry BailoutObama, Bush, the Treasury, and Congress wrangle over saving Detroit, and Republicans see an opening.
  23. our people
    New ‘Sopranos’ Cologne to Raise All Sorts of Problems for Jersey Shore MayorsPauly Walnuts’s ‘Paolo Per Uomo’ will be just another way to marginalize a struggling New York City minority.
  24. internet dating
    Internet Crush: Joel Moss LevinsonHe had us at “Yes, I WOULD like to dress up as a smoothie.”
  25. the sports section
    Hank Steinbrenner ‘100 Percent Behind’ Joba ChamberlainAfter Joba’s drunk-driving arrest and subsequent apology, Steinbrenner stands behind him and calls the young pitcher ‘family.’
  26. Office of Financial Stability Head Neel Kashkari Is Really Into FerrarisAlso, he is a modern-day warrior with a mean, mean stride.
  27. sex diaries
    The Unemployed Sarah Palin FetishistA week in the sex life of one hard-up New Yorker.
  28. company town
    Is the New Broadway Esplanade Really Safe?That’s what some people lunching there wonder. Plus, the latest in New York media, finance, and legal news.
  29. in other news
    Al Franken’s ‘New York City Problem’Is having New York City in his past a political handicap for the would-be senator? Or is it something else?
  30. photo op
    The First American ‘Equus’ Promo Shot Arrives — Yep, It’s a Shirtless Daniel RadcliffeWe have the latest nearly nekkid shot of little Harry Potter.
  31. early and often
    McCain Captured on Video Resorting to Gonzo AttacksMcCain has hunkered down with the nastiest of his advisers, convinced himself that any attacks he makes on Obama are justified, and gone batshit negative.
  32. early and often
    Obama’s Money Advantage Not Such an Advantage Anymore (UPDATED)Yikes: Obama will need every penny he’s wishing for to keep up with his opponent.
  33. photo op
    Defaced Subway Advertisements: Not Just Black Teeth and BallsSomeone with a Sharpie got cute with a ‘Dark Knight’ poster, and we laughed.
  34. in other news
    Weird Science! NYU Student Invents Virtual GirlfriendNow men in Manhattan will desire real-life flesh-and-blood girlfriends even less!
  35. photo op
    Lady Liberty Gets a BindiIn the last Jet Airways ad, the Statue of Liberty goes Gwen Stefani, circa 1996, on us.
  36. intel
    Now THIS Is What We Call ‘Doing the Butt’A new ad for an advanced Japanese toilet system has us confused, and a little backed up.
  37. intel
    See All the New ‘Gossip Girl’ OMFG AdsThe CW has released a whole set of steamy new advertisements for the Greatest Show of Our Time, and they want you to get bleeping excited about it.
  38. in other news
    Woody Allen vs. Dov Charney? Jew Have Got to Be Kidding!The funnyman is suing the American Apparel founder for using his image without permission, and we think it is the Jewiest thing ever.
  39. ink-stained wretches
    Revenue Report: It’s a Good Thing the Newspaper Industry Signed That DNRNewspapers’ ad revenue last year experienced the worst drop in fifty years, the industry’s watchdog group is reporting, and there’s not much to indicate a turnaround.
  40. in other news
    The Tribeca Grand: Now With More ButtOkay, this is an ad for the Tribeca Grand that a Mark over at Copyranter clipped out of City magazine. Our questions include the following: 1) Where is, exactly, the Tribeca Grand in this picture? 2) Are we to infer, from the sheet this woman is wielding, that your massage therapists at the Grand will be naked? 3) And seductively Asian? 4) Who in Tribeca is driving a wood-paneled Buick station wagon, like the one on the lower right? 5) And is she barefoot on cobblestones downtown? Ew! TriBeCa Grand Hotel apparently offers Naked Turndown Service. [Copyranter]
  41. the morning line
    Joe Bruno, Eliot Spitzer Ruin It for Everybody • One actual result of Troopergate (Brunogate? Spitzergate?): The State Ethics Commission passed a new rule preventing officials from using state aircraft unless the primary purpose of their trip is state business and requiring reimbursement for those parts that are not. [NYT]
  42. in other news
    Suits of Armor: The New Suits of SeersuckerSo you’re sitting there on the subway, bored and crowded and sort of hating your life (which is sort of inevitable in New York in August), and you see one of those School of Visual Arts ads promising the much more fun and fulfilling things you could be doing if you just took one of their classes. Yes, I would like to turn my passion into a program, you think. Or: Yes, I would like to learn to take pretty pictures of birds like the guy in that poster. As the always-angry Copyranter points out today, in SVA’s latest campaign, as seen in the Voice, you now also have the option of becoming a knight. Or a blacksmith. Or something. All of which, we’ve got to tell you, seem even less pleasant to be doing on humid 90-degree-plus days than squeezing onto the downtown Lex. Maybe it’s nice to know that things could be worse? School of Visual Arts Doth Prepare Thee Well, Young Apprentice [Copyranter]
  43. in other news
    Disneyfied Subway Station Objectionable, AdorableSo there’s this cockamamy idea that the MTA could raise money by selling Disney the rights the advertise however the company sees fit in the Times Square station. “I would rather try to sell 42nd Street’s subway system underground to Disney for $60 million a year and have them paint it any way that they want to paint it,” board member Norman Seabrook suggested. We noticed this in the morning, and because we’re sort of opposed to the proliferation of advertising into every corner of life, and because we think there’s something untoward about selling public facilities to corporate sponsors, and just because we’re crotchety and don’t like change, we were against it. But then we saw the cute little logo Gothamist came up with for the combination — it’s a Mouseketeers hat! On the MTA logo! Ha! — and we should say we’re now sort of smitten. Mickey Mouse for MTA? [Gothamist]
  44. the follow-up
    Doing the Butt You may or may not have caught the controversy we like to call Butts Over Broadway. See, an ad campaign was planned for Toto Washlet, a Japanese-made toilet that, essentially, does the wiping for you, and it included a Broadway billboard showing big, happy, and presumably clean and paper-free butts. Thing is, the billboard was to go on a building that houses a church, and the church’s minister successfully sought a restraining ordering preventing the ad from going up. But there’s one thing being ignored in all this: Never mind the ongoing battles of church and butt; what’s a Washlet like? Fortunately, New York is here for you. Stephen Milioti reviewed the Washlet for the mag back in December. His poster-worthy verdict? “The Washlet will make you forget toilet paper forever!” There’s much more explanation in the piece. Open Water [NYM] In Billboard for Bidet, Church Sees Times Square’s Seedy Past [NYT]
  45. in other news
    ‘Post’ Either Loves or Hates Paris Hilton Just wanted to make sure you got a good look at what might well be the single greatest New York Post cover ever. “If Paris wasn’t born, she would have to be invented,” Andrea Peyser writes in her column. “If she did not form naturally, we’d have to build one of her.” We can’t tell if Peyser’s “we” refers to American society, dismissively, or to the Post’s circulation execs, appreciatively. Maybe a little of both? (Also: Isn’t that cover line effectively calling Peyser a bimbo? Fun!) She’s the Naughty Gift Who Keeps on Giving [NYP] Related: Paris Was Pig in a Pokey [NYP]
  46. party town
    Can You Define ‘Irony’?• Generation Harvest Summer in the City event. Metropolitan Pavilion North. 110 W. 19th St., nr. Sixth Ave., 6 p.m. Tim Robbins, Greg Kinnear, Elizabeth Banks, B.J. Novak, and others are expected. Coming just after the slacker era of Generation X, “Generation Harvest” consists of 29- to 31-year-olds who dress like Ethan Hawke’s character in Reality Bites but are corn farmers. Or check out our Agenda listings for tonight, selected by New York’s culture editors.
  47. developing
    On Perry Street, the Death of Real-Estate Bling?Luxury-condo marketing went through the looking glass at a brokers’ breakfast this morning for 166 Perry Street, a new 24-loft, bumpy steel-and-glass condo set to rise just east of Richard Meier’s sleek towers in the far West Village. The building has private swimming pools for its penthouse duplexes and art-installation screens over the ground floor, but, interestingly, Corcoran Sunshine marketers are pushing it as, well, simple. “There’s an architecture-collector market,” marketer James Lansill told us in Jean-Georges’s Perry Street restaurant, which will deliver room service to the building. “It’s not about bling at all.” Oh, no. Not at all. —Alec Appelbaum
  48. photo op
    Our Bodies, Our Storage We spotted this latest installment in Manhattan Mini-Storage’s inarticulate we’re-trying-to-show-we- share-your-politics-but-we-fail-at-it ad campaign (has anyone actually ever figured out that Cheney ad?) on our way down the West Side Highway Sunday night, and we were as confused by it as the Copyranter is today. Our best guess at its message: Once Alito & Co. overturn Roe, at least a storage locker will be preferable to an alley! And you know how we all love decreasing-civil- liberties humor. Better interpretation? Let us know. Back Alley Advertising [Copyranter]
  49. photo op
    Things We Never Expected to See in the Window of the Chelsea Barnes & Noble It’s amazing the things you discover when you decide to walk all the way home from work one Wednesday afternoon. (It’s a window display for some book called Fantasy Weddings.) Happy Pride Week, folks.
  50. in other news
    Saatchi & Saatchi Loves New York, ‘Lovemarks’So Saatchi & Saatchi has landed the “I Love New York” account. And it seems the international ad firm (which takes credit for electing Margaret Thatcher and Boris Yeltsin, among other things) has a unique qualification for the job. Turns out Saatchi & Saatchi doesn’t do brands anymore — it does lovemarks. “Brands have run out of juice,” proclaims the first sentence on Lovemarks.com, a has-to-be-seen-to-be-believed site created by the firm to explain its mission. “Check out the Love/Respect Axis” — seriously, check it out — and learn “the hallmarks of a lovemark.” Those, it turns out, are “mystery, sensuality and intimacy.” And what is “I Love New York” if not the ultimate lovemark? It doesn’t get more intimate, sensual, or mysterious than a first-person-singular pronoun, a big red heart, and an abbreviation. Indeed, we’re so excited about Saatchi’s forthcoming campaign — nothing will be unveiled till winter 2008 — that we might just leave a lovemark right where we sit. Lovemarks.com [Saatchi & Saatchi] Cheerio! Loyalty and Mutiny at Saatchi & Saatchi [NYM]
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