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  1. today in donald trump
    Donald Trump Calls Hillary Clinton ‘Nasty, Mean Enabler’ of Husband’s AffairsThe presumptive GOP nominee is trying to resurrect the ’90s.
  2. scandal-stained wretches
    Wendi Deng Allegedly Had a Crush on Tony BlairOr something.
  3. the most important people in the world
    Tony Blair Is Not Currently Sleeping With Rupert Murdoch’s Wife, He SaysWendi Deng rumors swirl.
  4. celebrity memoirs
    Schwarzenegger on His Affair: ‘Stupidest Thing’He thought Condi would make a better California governor.
  5. our crabbiest mayor
    Florence Henderson Reveals Her One-Night Stand With ‘Friend’ John LindsayAlso: The former mayor gave her crabs, and she found him unattractive. Friendship!
  6. weinergate
    A Brief History of the Sex-Scandal Press ConferenceWho cried? Who brought a date?
  7. affairs
    Is Cheating Worse If You Do It in the Bed You Share With Your Spouse?Apparently so.
  8. school daze
    York Prep Principal Canned Over Inappropriate Relationship With Recent GradHe was 39. She was 18.
  9. dirty sexy politics
    Blogger Who Claims to Have Had ‘Physical Relationship’ With Woman Is Talking About Alleged Physical Relationship AgainThe alleged Nikki Haley affair is back in the news, three weeks before Election Day.
  10. awkward
    ‘Killer Karofsky’ Used ‘Magnetic Personality’ to Seduce Co-worker’s WifeAwkward.
  11. an inconvenient truth
    Star: Al Gore Cheated on Tipper With Larry David’s Ex [Updated]And we thought this affair story was going to be boring.
  12. early and awkward
    Nikki Haley, Candidate for South Carolina Governor, Denies Affair With BloggerHa! A blogger!
  13. the most important people in the world
    In What Way Does Jesse James Doing a Tell-all Interview Make Anything Better?Except ABC’s ratings, of course.
  14. early and awful
    Congressman Admits Affair, Yet Blames Washington for ResignationMark Souder, we hardly knew ye.
  15. tiger catches tail
    Tiger Woods Had Affairs With 121 WomenThe ‘Enquirer’ has done the necessary research to determine this number.
  16. early and awkward
    A Single Person With Very Low Standards Donated to Senator Ensign This YearThe affair-plagued senator only raked in $50 this year. Heh.
  17. the most important people in the world
    Tiki Barber Leaves Pregnant Wife for Hot Young InternThis is a story we’ve never heard before.
  18. the most important people in the world
    Inevitable Jesse James Nazi Salute Photo SurfacesTime to go to idiot rehab.
  19. silence is golden
    Rielle Hunter Breaks Her SilenceJohn Edwards’s infamous mistress finally speaks out.
  20. gross things
    Greenwich OB/GYN Got Tired of Job Being So SterileSo he started having sex at work.
  21. early and often
    Someone Says David Paterson Had an Affair!Tell us something we don’t know.
  22. National Enquirer: DNA Test Proves John Edwards Is Father of Rielle Hunter’s BabyWell … they’ve always been right before.
  23. whither gop?
    Mark Sanford Has the Soul of a PoetA linguistics professor finds the governor’s public statements contain some impressive literary allusions.
  24. whither gop?
    Mark Sanford Still Getting the Hang of This Honesty ThingHe admits that he and his Argentine mistress met more times than previously disclosed.
  25. whither gop?
    Ironically, Without Wife and Mistress, Mark Sanford Is More Screwed Than EverJenny Sanford always ran her husband’s political life. Now, he has no guidance when he needs it more than ever.
  26. whither gop?
    Okay, Nobody Really Knows Who Maria Belen Chapur Is at AllMark Sanford’s mistress somehow, magically, has eluded the press so far.
  27. sad things
    Mark Sanford Admits to AffairThe South Carolina governor fesses up to why he went to Buenos Aires.
  28. early and awful
    Elizabeth Edwards on Affair Discovery: ‘I Cried and Screamed’In her new book, ‘Resilience,’ the former candidate’s wife gets very candid about her painful last two years.
  29. the most important people in the world
    Hey, Katie Lee Joel Is Allowed to Have a Hot FriendIn which we defend Billy Joel’s wife’s right to have a male BFF.
  30. early and often
    Times Has to Awkwardly Acknowledge What It Was Trying to Say in McCain-Iseman StoryThis is just like that time in junior high when you got in trouble for passing along some gossip someone ELSE said, which wasn’t even your fault.
  31. in other news
    Fred Baron Has a ‘Brief Recollection of Giving Someone Cash’The wealthy Texas lawyer, who has been vigilantly protecting John Edwards, Rielle Hunter, and Andrew Young, suddenly doesn’t quite know what’s going on.
  32. the sports section
    Giants Coach Tom Coughlin’s Bogus Sex ScandalA grumpy Philadelphia resident tried to blackmail the Super Bowl-winner for affairs he didn’t actually have.
  33. early and often
    Edwards Admits to AffairHe’ll go on ‘Nightline’ tonight to explain; denies fathering campaign videographer Rielle Hunter’s child.
  34. in other news
    Ashley Dupré Accused of Using Jedi Mind TricksHer latest victim claims (to his wife, of course) that the Eliot Spitzer hooker “set him up.” That’s not exactly the story he’s telling friends, though.
  35. in other news
    Ashley Dupré Appears to Ruin Another MarriageBut we’re not so sure this ‘Post’ story is exactly what it seems.
  36. in other news
    News We Don’t Want to Hear: ‘Star’ Claims Matthew Broderick Cheated on SJPWhat, Britney wasn’t smoking her kids out of a gravity bong this week? The celebrity mags have to start ragging on OUR celebrities now?
  37. in other news
    ‘National Enquirer’ Still Chasing John Edwards–Affair Story; Claim to Have Caught Him in Hotel TrystThe testy tabloid never gives up, apparently.
  38. intel
    Let’s Play Guess Tomorrow’s ‘Post’ Headline About Madonna and A-RodIn which we invite you to predict what awesomeness the pun-tastic ‘Post’ will provide us on tomorrow’s cover.
  39. early and often
    Kathie Lee Gifford Tells a Nice Story About the Clinton MarriageWe could barely believe it! It even tugged at our heartstrings.
  40. cultural capital
    Geraldo Jokes About Interracial Dating (and No One Laughs)Geraldo is surprised that Barbara Walters went black and, contrary to popular wisdom, managed to go back.
  41. intel
    Barbara Walters and Senator Edward Brooke: The Secret Was Already OutTheir affair was the talk of the town while it was happening, discussed in a gossip column and even, notably, once on television.
  42. the sports section
    Roger Clemens’s Philandering: Now on Second!The former Yankee pitcher may have had another long-term dalliance with John Daly’s ex-wife.