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  1. politics
    The Most Powerful Labor Leader in America Has DiedAFL-CIO president Richard Trumka passed away unexpectedly, in a blow to organized labor at a critical time.
  2. vision 2020
    No, Donald Trump Is Not a Working-Class HeroSalena Zito argues that Trump is the sole reliable friend of people who make things with their hands. Unions would disagree.
  3. green new deal
    Labor Fires Warning Shot on Green New DealAn AFL-CIO committee makes some threatening noises, but it sounds like a request for a seat at the table.
  4. labor
    15 Ways President Trump Has Hurt the American WorkerDonald Trump loves the working class as a mascot — but despises it as a class.
  5. Labor Fights Back in Missouri With Initiative to Overturn Right-to-Work LawAfter a series of setbacks, including a Supreme Court decision hammering public-sector unions, labor has a chance for a rare win to regain momentum.
  6. AFL-CIO Split Over Tom Steyer’s Green CashBillionaire Tom Steyer has agreed to contribute $5 million to the AFL-CIO’s pro-Democrat super-pac. But he opposes the Keystone Pipeline, so some unions don’t want to take his filthy, clean-energy-loving money.
  7. gross things
    Today Is a Day of Heinous Barfing StoriesWhich is worse, the one where the president of the AFL-CIO barfed in the White House, or the one where a Phillies fan barfed on an 11-year-old girl?