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Aggravating Insurance Giants

  1. aggravating insurance giants
    AIG Announces Final Plan to Pay Back GovernmentIs there really a way out of this?
  2. aggravating insurance giants
    What Kind of Guy Is New AIG Chairman Steve Miller?Taking stock of the man charged with keeping Robert Benmosche in check.
  3. fi-cri fallout
    Joe Cassano Could Have Saved Us All Billions If We Just Let Him Stay at the Table a While LongerThe former AIG Financial Products head wishes he’d just had one more round.
  4. they sent them thank-you notes
    Breaking: New York Fed Officials Were Polite to BankersThey wrote them thank-you notes, an investigation uncovers.
  5. aggravating insurance giants
    Joe Cassano Goes to WashingtonThe head of AIG’s financial-products unit gets called in front of the Financial Crisis Inquiry Commission.
  6. white men they said wouldn’t last
    Let’s All Give Bob Benmosche a HandThe AIG CEO reaches an important milestone.
  7. aggravating insurance giants
    AIG’s Joseph Cassano Escapes Criminal ChargesThe SEC may still come after him, though.
  8. white men with deep mediterranean tans
    Robert Benmosche Will Only Stay With AIG One or Two More YearsLike those before him, the CEO of America’s most wretched insurer eyes the door.
  9. aggravating insurance giants
    Feds May Not Be Able to Charge AIG’s Joe CassanoIt’s not lying if everyone knows you’re doing it!
  10. aggravating insurance giants
    When He Was Running AIG, Edward Liddy Could Not Get Through an Airport Without Being Approached by CommonersNo wonder he quit so fast.
  11. white men with hobbies
    Guitar-Playing Grayhair, Bodybuilder, Sex-Toy Enthusiast Reportedly Drove AIG to RuinThose are three separate people.
  12. aggravating insurance giants
    AIG Withholds Bonuses From Former Employees, Digs Even Deeper HoleIt’s a slippery slope once you start using words like gouge about your AIFG bonus being withheld.
  13. aggravating insurance giants
    No One Was Driving the AIG Train When It Went Off the RailsSays the firm’s former chief counsel.
  14. aggravating insurance giants
    AIG Reportedly Sells Major Insurance Unit to MetLifeThe $15.5 billion deal comes after last week’s major sale.
  15. aggravating insurance giants
    AIG Lost $9 Billion in the Last QuarterUgh.
  16. piling on
    AIG Financial Products Head Preferred Female Executives With ‘Curb Appeal’Man who burned down AIG was also a misogynist.
  17. oh aig!
    A.I.G. Was Surprised People Got So Mad About the Government Giving Them $182.3 Billion in Taxpayer MoneyWhat’s the big deal?
  18. the habits of generally ineffective people
    Edward Liddy Curls His Toes When He Is Upset or AngryA tip on staying cool from the former CEO of AIG.
  19. love this guy
    Which ‘Part of His Anatomy’ Did AIG CEO Robert Benmosche Claim Was Bigger Than the Government’s?The ‘Journal’ is too shy to tell us what part he was referring to, so we have to guess!
  20. white men with deep mediterranean tans
    If the AIG Thing Doesn’t Work Out, Robert Benmosche Has a Backup PlanThe CEO is a “budding winemaker.”
  21. aggravating insurance giants
    Robert Benmosche’s Heart Bleeds for Top AIG Employees Who Have Lost MillionsAfter a series of cockups, the AIG CEO tries to clear a few things up.
  22. squeaky wheels get the grease
    Kenneth Feinberg Backs Down on AIG PayThe special master for compensation lifts the compensation restrictions on “some” (whiny) employees.
  23. aggravating insurance giants
    Bailed-Out AIG Employees Consider Bailing Out of CompanyInformed that their golden parachutes might soon expire, five executives threaten to leap.
  24. aggravating insurance giants
    Hank Greenberg to Be Reunited With Beloved RugAfter years of disputes, the former AIG CEO gets his rug back.
  25. aggravating insurance giants
    Hurting AIG Is the Same As Hurting OurselvesIt would be like cutting, but instead we’d bleed money.
  26. aggravating insurance giants
    Robert Benmosche Remains ‘Totally Committed’ to AIGHe just gets a little emotional sometimes, is all.
  27. aggravating insurance giants
    AIG CEO Throws Temper Tantrum, Threatens to QuitThree months into the job, Robert Benmosche realizes he’s signed on to do the impossible.
  28. aggravating insurance giants
    Is Hank Greenberg So Bad for Starting an AIG 2?At first AIG was too big to fail. Now it’s too big to compete.
  29. aggravating insurance giants
    Former AIG Head Starts New Company Just Like AIGHank Greenberg loves insurance.
  30. white men with deep mediterranean tans
    Robert Benmosche Promises Employees That Mean Man Won’t Take Their MoneyThe special master will not try to claw back any compensation from employees, the AIG CEO says in a memo.
  31. aggravating insurance giants
    Live at AIG HeadquartersPart of 70 Pine Street, the old AIG headquarters in the financial district, will be converted into residential condominiums.
  32. aggravating insurance giants
    AIG Goes to Great Lengths to Retain Its Kitchen TalentThe insurer awarded a $7,700 bonus to a kitchen assistant.
  33. white men with deep mediterranean tans
    Pay Czar Decides AIG CEO Is Worth Our MoneyThe special master for compensation is expected to approve a $10.5 million pay package for Robert Benmosche.
  34. aggravating insurance giants
    Notorious AIG Executive’s Home Is Disappointingly ModestJoe Cassano’s house “only has two bedrooms,” according to a spy. And his ride is uncool, too.
  35. maybe snoopy tolerated that mouth but not uncle sam
    Economic Adviser Scolds AIG CEO for His ‘Cheekiness’CEO Robert Benmosche had better watch his mouth around the people who pay his salary.
  36. aggravating insurance giants
    Feds May Finally Be Ready to Put the Screws to Joe CassanoThe AIG Financial Products head widely accused of burning down the place might face criminal charges. Maybe.
  37. white men with deep mediterranean tans
    Bob Benmosche Had a Long Talk With Bob Benmosche About His MouthThe board doesn’t have to tell the AIG CEO to tone it down, he says. “I’ve already told it to myself.”
  38. white men with deep mediterranean tans
    Bob Benmosche Understands That Bob Benmosche Screwed Up“If there is anybody critical of Bob, it is Bob,” said the AIG CEO.
  39. aggravating insurance giants
    Robert Benmosche Promises Andrew Cuomo the Worst Day of His Life“The worst thing that will ever happen to him is when he and I meet in the room and I close the door,” the new AIG CEO warns.
  40. conspiracies
    Goldman Sachs Had Another Reason to Want AIG Bailed OutThey need them to pay their rent.
  41. trivia
    How AIG’s Private Golf Course Got Its NameA bit of lore that makes America’s insurance giant even more endearing than it already is.
  42. If It’s Not One Thing, It’s AnotherThe hazing of AIG’s new CEO continues.
  43. Four Ways the WSJ Calls New AIG CEO FatRobert Benmosche is already getting abused.
  44. aggravating insurance giants
    AIG Reports ProfitsUm, yay?
  45. AIG’s New CEO Fired SnoopyYES. THIS is the kind of guy we need running that taco stand.
  46. aggravating insurance giants
    AIG Has Created a Fantasy World Where Everything Is FineAIG appears to be writing insurance policies with fantasy money.
  47. aggravating insurance giants
    My Government Gave A.I.G. $180 Billion and All I Got Was This Stupid T-shirtThe ironic A.I.G. T-shirt makes it into “Thursday Styles.”
  48. aggravating insurance giants
    Jury Sides With ‘Lying’ Hank Greenberg in AIG CaseA jury has rejected AIG’s claim that its former chief executive improperly seized control of millions of shares of the insurer’s stock.
  49. AIG’s Gerry Pasciucco Had Us Until ‘Porsche Cayenne’Bloomberg magazine spent over 5,000 words getting us to like AIG’s financial-products guy, then ruined it.
  50. the miracle on the hudson becomes a nightmare
    AIG Now Supposedly Ruining Lives of Innocent Women and ChildrenSome of the passengers from flight 1549 are upset with the insurer.