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  1. GOP House Members From New York Won’t Happily Vote for Graham-Cassidy BillIf Graham-Cassidy clears the Senate, House Republicans will be forced into a take-it-or-leave-it situation, and some may really want to leave it.
  2. What If McCain Had Said ‘Yes’ to the ‘Skinny Repeal’?If the climactic vote on the “skinny repeal” had gone the other way, the result would have probably been the same: GOP failure, with much time lost.
  3. GOP Health-Care Drive Ends Not With a Bang But a WhimperRepublicans couldn’t come up with a workable health-care plan, so they kept kicking the can down the road. The road finally ended in the Senate today.
  4. Maybe There’s No Light at the End the Tunnel for the GOP Health Bill After AllAll the tactical brilliance that has kept unpopular and divisive GOP health care legislation alive disguises a fatal strategic blindness.
  5. Keeping the ‘Skinny Repeal’ Bill From Getting Fat Won’t Be Easy for GOPThe point of “skinny repeal” of Obamacare is to enact a bare-bones bill to shape in committee. Bulking up could be fatal.
  6. Trumpcare’s ‘Orphans’ Must Search for New HomesSeveral provisions conservatives hitched to Obamacare repeal will need new legislative vehicles now that Trumpcare has crashed.
  7. If Senate Health-Care Bill Changes a Lot, Will the House Still Rubber-Stamp It?The plan was to pass a Senate health-care bill so similar to the House bill that the GOP could avoid a House-Senate conference. That’s now in danger.
  8. CBO Score of Senate Health Bill Is Grim — But Gives McConnell Wiggle RoomOn one hand: 22 million people losing coverage. On the other: extra deficit savings to fund sweeteners.
  9. House GOP Shocked to Learn Infamous Con Artist Can’t Be TrustedTrump begged moderate Republicans to vote for his health-care bill. Now, he’s calling it “mean” and “coldhearted” — and the House GOP is “stunned.”
  10. Trumpcare May Bring ‘Lifetime Limits’ to Millions With Employer-Based InsuranceIf the Senate bill passes, more than 20 million Americans would face annual and/or lifetime limits on their coverage, a new analysis finds.
  11. Vulnerable House Republican Ties Himself to TrumpTom MacArthur represents a swing district in a blue state. But he’s still more afraid of losing the conservative base than the center.
  12. Poll: Voters Favor Impeaching Trump by 7-Point MarginFor the first time, PPP finds more voters favor Trump’s impeachment than oppose it. And the survey has similarly bad news for GOP congresspeople.
  13. AHCA-Supporting Congressman Walks Out of Interview, Faces Rough Town HallIowa’s Rod Blum said he was “ambushed” by a question about why he limited access to his town-hall events.
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    Somebody Edited the Villain Wikipedia Page to Include Paul RyanYet another Wikipedia edit inspired by Speaker Ryan.
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    Senators Approach House Republicans’ Health Bill With ‘Suspicion’As House members celebrate passage of a bill even they don’t really like, senators begin crafting their own legislation.
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    More People Are Tweeting at Trumpcare Congressman Than Even Follow HimThousands of people are angrily replying to New York congressman John Faso for supporting Trumpcare.
  17. GOP Won’t Vote on Obamacare Repeal Before Trump’s 100th DayRepublicans still don’t have the votes to revive Zombie Trumpcare.
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    Trump’s AHCA Blame Game Shifts to GOP TargetsThe wounded president is trying to make sure his followers know that the failure of Trumpcare wasn’t his fault.
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    Reports: Trump’s ‘Art’ Didn’t Work on Failed AHCA DealWhite House and GOP insiders have been leaking their stories following the demise of Trumpcare.
  20. Why Steve Bannon Might Be the Winner of the GOP’s Health-Care Civil WarThe Trump aide has told associates he’s unhappy with the bill and is already distancing himself from it.
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    Conservative Trumpcare Fix Leaves Moderates Angry, Freedom Caucus NoncommittalLast-minute concessions yielded another moderate “no,” and no firm support from the conservatives.
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    These Senators Can Kill Trumpcare, and McConnell Can’t Do Much to Stop ThemRepublicans can only spare two votes, and six GOP senators oppose the bill for complex and contradictory reasons.
  23. Trumpcare Would Leave More Uninsured Than Simply Repealing ObamacareThe GOP managed to write a health-care bill that covers fewer people than merely repealing Obamacare without a replacement, according to the CBO.
  24. Shakedown Artists Are Taking Over Republican Health-Care BillNow that the House leadership has cut a deal with upstate New Yorkers to produce local tax cuts, there’s no end to the demands senators will make.
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    Despite AHCA Tweaks, Conservatives Say They Have the Votes to Defeat the BillThere are concessions to various Republican factions, but conservatives say GOP leaders have “seriously miscalculated.”
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    GOP Health Bill Is One Vote From Death After Senator Susan Collins Opposes ItShe’s the second Republican senator to give a firm “no,” but several others have been railing against the legislation.
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    Trump Admits AHCA Would Hurt His Voters, Says It’s ‘Going to Be Negotiated’“If we’re not going to take care of the people, I’m not signing anything,” he told Tucker Carlson.
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    Republicans Search for Someone to Blame for TrumpcareAfter the dismal CBO estimate, more Republicans are turning against AHCA — and each other.
  29. Breitbart Keeps Turning Up the Heat on Paul RyanEven as administration figures rallied around the GOP health plan, Trump’s fans at Breitbart used it as fresh ammunition in its war on the Speaker.
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    Leaked White House Analysis Says AHCA Would Be Even Worse Than PredictedNevertheless, the Trump administration is leaning toward making the law take effect next year, in a concession to the far right.
  31. Trump’s Backup Plan: Let Health-Care System Explode, Blame DemocratsIn a meeting with conservative AHCA opponents, Trump mentioned a dubious strategy he’s previously dismissed as too heartless.