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    Did You Know Owls Had Freakishly Long Legs?Well? Did you?
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    Is That an Exploding Vape in Your Pocket or Are You Just Happy to See Me?It’s unclear what caused the malfunction.
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    Amazon’s Audio CAPTCHAs Are the Scariest Things on the InternetThis is horrifying.
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    Reminder: Bears Do Not Belong in Your HouseAhhhhhhh!
  5. Get the Kids and the Minivan and Run Far Away From This Human Lego Minifigure[Screaming.]
  6. Maybe Don’t Light Your Swimming Pool on FireEven if it is in the name of science.
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    This Is Either the Year’s Best Horror Film or a Lovely Video of Men and a PetThe stuff of nightmares.
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    You Are Probably Having a Better Monday Than This Guy Covered in MonkeysThe insane picture inspired a Photoshop battle on Reddit.
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    Reminder: This Mom Who Is Horrified by Snapchat Is the Best MomWe didn’t know humans could make that sound.