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Air Force One

  1. the emperor’s new props
    13 Times President Trump Had the Best, Most Beautiful PropsFrom giant stacks of blank paper to Sharpie-scrawled notes on a scandal, no one shows off dubious documents and diagrams like our commander-in-chief.
  2. transportation
    The History of Trump’s Obsession With Air Force OneThe president’s long and complicated relationship with the executive aircraft.
  3. weird coincidences
    Air Force One’s New Paint Job Sure Looks Like Trump’s Private JetTrump, of course, says he designed it himself.
  4. the national interest
    Trump Staff Dreads Traveling Overseas With Toddler PresidentOn Trump’s Air Force One, the overnight is dark and full of terrors.
  5. Trump Reportedly Threw a Tantrum After Seeing an Air Force One TV Tuned to CNNMelania Trump’s spokeswoman said the First Lady watches “any channel she wants,” despite her husband’s Fox News–only rule.
  6. Trump Wants ‘More American’ Paint Job, Bigger Bed for Air Force OneAxios is reporting that Trump wants the presidential jet to look more like his personal Boeing 757, which he flew around during the campaign.
  7. Air Force One’s New Refrigerators to Cost Nearly $24 MillionThe presidential jet requires a sophisticated chilling system.
  8. select all
    Who Set the TVs on Air Force One to Record Property Brothers?We have some questions.
  9. Donald Trump Shoots Down Boeing’s Stock PriceTrump cancels an “order” of new 747 Air Force One planes over Twitter, and one of the largest companies on the Dow sees its share price slide.
  10. Obama, Bush, and Clinton Enjoy Unusually Comfortable Flight to South AfricaBy regular plane standards, not Air Force One standards.
  11. air force one
    Air Force One Fails a Landing in OhioDue to inclement weather.
  12. photo op
    President Obama Needs a Better Umbrella HolderThe guy he has now isn’t cutting it.
  13. osama bin killed
    Some Other Things on Bin Laden’s Bucket ListShoot down Air Force One.
  14. puppies!!!!!!
    WSJ: Did Bo Obama Poop on Air Force One?A mile-high mystery!
  15. photo op
    Obama Meets With Troops in BaghdadHe also met with Iraqi officials, but couldn’t quite make it to an appointment with prime minister Nuri al-Maliki.
  16. gossipmonger
    George Clooney Thinks Cindy Adams Is Awkwardly NosyGeorge Clooney’s response to a question asking whether he planned on marrying Sarah Lawson: “What kind of question is that to ask in front of her? Let’s just say I’m fine the way I am right now, thank you.” Four Seasons owner Julian Niccolini is selling his own Sauvignon Blanc, available at Dean & DeLuca. After falling ill in Israel (perhaps with dysentery), Maureen Dowd got medical attention from White House doc Richard Tubb and hitched a ride home on Air Force One. Some pro-life bloggers are angry that Vogue did a fashion shoot with a woman who got an abortion 22 weeks into her pregnancy. Diddy is hiring both a personal and an executive assistant. (One responsibility: acting as a “liaison” between the chairman and his family.) Diane Keaton ate at Michael Jordan’s The Steak House in Grand Central Terminal.