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Air Safety

  1. russian plane crash
    Sudden Noise Recorded in Russian Airliner’s Last MomentAnalysis of the flight’s black box seems to support the theory that a bomb destroyed the plane.
  2. dead animals
    Snowy Owls Are Being Shot Dead So You Can Travel Safely This Winter [Updated]The animal kill list at JFK Airport has been updated.
  3. the internet
    The TSA Is Working on Its Social Media StrategyThere’s now an Instagram account.
  4. scary things
    Man Who Claimed He Poisoned Entire Flight Probably Didn’tStill not cool …
  5. scary things
    American Airlines Seats Come Loose Mid-Flight (Again)The FAA is looking into the troubled company after its second mishap in three days.
  6. air safety
    LaGuardia Terror ‘Threat’ Was Just a Pilot Locked in the BathroomA passenger with a “thick foreign accent” was trying to help him.
  7. air safety
    Man Stopped at JFK With Brass Knuckles, SwordThat’s not all.
  8. air safety
    Oldest Supreme Court Judge Used Airplane SlideJustice Ruth Bader Ginsburg is safe and sound.