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  1. capitol riot
    When an Airbnb Host Realized His Guests Were InsurrectionistsPaul thought they were tourists, until he heard: “We stormed the Capitol.”
  2. pandemic prescriptions
    The European Cities Using the Pandemic As a Cure for AirbnbWith tourism at a low ebb, Lisbon, Barcelona, and other cities are moving to bring balance back to their housing market.
  3. housing
    Will the Coronavirus Kill Airbnb?Furnished apartments intended for short-term stays are flipping to long-term rentals. What could possibly be causing this?
  4. technology
    Airbnb and eBay Follow Google’s Example, Change Sexual-Harassment PoliciesMeanwhile, a number of big tech companies declined to comment on their sexual-harassment policies.
  5. business
    Is New York Cracking Down on Airbnb to Help Local Residents or Hotels?Supporters of new Airbnb regulation argue that it drives up rents, but opponents say the hotel industry–backed law will only deprive locals of income.
  6. select all
    Japan Just Lost 80 Percent of Its AirbnbsBad news if you had a trip to Japan planned.
  7. select all
    According to This Study, Airbnb Raised Median NYC Rents by $380Per a new study out today, Airbnb may be partly to blame for the rent being too damn high.
  8. select all
    You Can Now Split Airbnb Payments With Your FriendsNo more hoping your friends complete your Venmo requests.
  9. select all
    You Should Probably Check Your Airbnb for Hidden CamerasPeople are trash and technology is terrible.
  10. select all
    Montreal Man Trapped in Airbnb PurgatoryHe’s the only permanent resident in his building.
  11. Now You Can Stay at Donald Trump’s Childhood HomeThe home, which was recently bought at auction, is now listed on Airbnb with amenities such as “a giant cut out of Donald in the Living Room.”
  12. select all
    College Student Busted Renting Out Dorm on AirbnbA steal at $85 bucks a night.
  13. select all
    Airbnb Will Now Require Hosts to Agree to Anti-Discrimination PolicyA big step for the company which has come under fire in recent months.
  14. It Just Got a Lot Tougher for Airbnb to Do Business in NYCGovernor Andrew Cuomo signed a law today that doles out a heavy fine for people who advertise illegal short-term rentals.
  15. Airbnb Could Be Making Your Apartment More ExpensiveIt makes finding an apartment harder.
  16. Racist Airbnb Host Banned for Harassing Female Grad Student#AirbnbWhileBlack strikes again.
  17. Brutal Sign Shames Airbnb-Using NOLA Tourists: “Enjoy Our Former Homes Y’all!!!”Short-term rentals are driving out longtime residents.
  18. hack the city
    7 Tips From NYC’s ‘King of Airbnb’ for Being the Highest-Rated Host in TownIt’s all about gaming the algorithm.
  19. airbnb porn!
    The Gay Porn Auteur and the Airbnb RentalEver wonder where pornographers get those lavish mansions they always seem to film in?
  20. French Couple Sues Airbnb for Copying Their Apartment What do you do when a giant internet company steals your style?
  21. Airbnb Decides to Act Like a Grown-up, Not a Start-up, and Play Nice With Cities“We cool now?”
  22. Can Medium Be Both a Tech Company and a Media Company?Tech is eating media, and Medium CEO Ev Williams is burping.
  23. crime
    Two Shot at Wild Party Held in a Queens Mansion Rented Through Airbnb“The party kept raging in the street afterward. The kids were too drunk to care.”
  24. Airbnb’s Passive-Aggressive Ads Backfire in San FranciscoDear Airbnb, stop being such entitled tech-douches. Love, San Francisco.
  25. the share economy
    NYC Sues First of Many Illegal Airbnb-ersHere we go.
  26. the share economy
    Most NYC Airbnbs Are IllegalAccording to a report by the state attorney general that the company is not disputing.
  27. the share economy
    Airbnb Poster-Child Was Evicted for Airbnb-ing a Converted Barn She Didn’t OwnA face of the start-up also represents its ugly side.
  28. Thomas Friedman Loves Airbnb for All the Wrong ReasonsIt’s not about trust, it’s about money.
  29. tech
    Airbnb Handing Over Host Records for New York Attorney General to Check OutThe two sides have reached an agreement in their subpoena fight.
  30. oh brooklyn
    A Night at the Urban Cowboy: Williamsburg’s B&BA taste of the Brooklyn-branded “Cowboy Life.”
  31. the gig economy
    Bartender Was a Top NYC Airbnb RenterPeter Chen just thought he was making some spare money — he never expected to be named a public enemy.
  32. sharing is caring
    Will Airbnb’s $21 Million Olive Branch Get It Legalized in New York?Or will the hotel industry continue to play hardball?
  33. freak fests
    Manhattan Man’s Apartment Rented for OrgyIn several ways.
  34. super bowl 2014
    Super Bowl Rentals Don’t ScoreLocals hoping to profit from the influx of out-of-towners have been unsuccessful.
  35. creative accounting
    Broke Creatives Now Afraid to Rent Their Apartments on Airbnb“I’ve grown increasingly uncomfortable doing this.”
  36. airbnb
    Airbnb Users: State Prosecutors Want to Know Who You AreNew York subpoenas the company.
  37. tech
    New York Targeting Local Airbnb EntrepreneursThe attorney general has subpoenaed user data.
  38. crimes and misdemeanors
    Airbnb Host Won’t Have to Pay $2,400, Thanks to AirbnbThe apartment-sharing site represented a customer.
  39. crimes and misdemeanors
    Airbnb Illegal in NYC Except When the City Needs ItA judge ruled against the start-up today.
  40. City Teams Up With AirBnB to Find Sandy Victims a Place to StayAnyone have an extra room?
  41. hurricane sandy
    Post-Sandy Lodging Options: Air BNB or Cory Booker’s BedA slumber party in Newark and discounted Air BNB in New York.