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  1. loose lips
    WikiLeaks Exposes Boeing’s Secret Sales Force: U.S. DiplomatsSome bribes are more acceptable than others.
  2. the morning line
    Think of the Children • The city is grudgingly admitting that, with the number of homeless families at an all-time high in the year of record surpluses, someone is doing something wrong. Next idea: Revamp the rent-voucher program. [NYT] • The News uncovers “nauseating behavior” on school buses: abuse and rape in the oblivious presence of monitors and drivers. Not exactly rampant (ten cases since 2003) but frightening, especially since two of the cases involve drivers. [NYDN] • More charming kid behavior: A high-school basketball game at MSG ended in a full-on street riot, complete with cops on horseback and over twenty arrests. amNY’s reportage, itself seemingly written by a 13-year-old, includes the phrase “other boys then jumped that boy.” [amNY] • Broadway theater owners have given up on ticket-resale price caps, removing the last roadblock to the legalization of scalping. Surprisingly, Governor Spitzer’s view on the subject is to let the market regulate itself (wouldn’t the NYSE have loved hearing that). [NYP] • And, landing today at JFK: Airbus A380, the world’s largest passenger jet. The “superjumbo,” operated by Lufthansa, is 239 feet long and burns 550,000 gallons of gas per flight. Eh. Call us when it strands passengers for ten hours. [WNBC]