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    Why Are People Photoshopping AirPods and Waves Onto Anime Characters?A new meme finds humor in a chintzy status symbol and a cross-cultural mashup.
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    Fancy AirPods Could Be Coming SoonApple is reportedly working on two new sets of headphones for 2019.
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    Apple Wants to Put HomePods on Your EarsApple reportedly wants to put out a pair of noise-canceling, over-the-ear headphones this holiday season. One small problem? They already do.
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    The Beats X Prove Apple Has Nailed Wireless HeadphonesApple’s latest headphones beat AirPods in sound quality, and beat every other set of wireless headphones in reliability (if you’re using an iPhone).
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    After Long Delay, Apple’s AirPods Now Available for PreorderIt took a while, but you can finally put your order in for a pair of Apple’s wireless earbuds.
  6. Want AirPods? You’re Going to Have to Wait.Apple says the new wireless headphones need a little more time before they’ll be available for purchase.