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  1. unfriendly skies
    After Failing 95 Percent of Airport Security Tests, TSA Gets a New DirectorIn 67 out of 70 tests, undercover agents were able to get weapons and fake bombs past screeners.
  2. Watch a Polish Airport Security Worker Catch a Falling Baby It’s way more impressive than it sounds, honest. 
  3. airport security
    TSA: Never Mind About the Small KnivesStill banned from planes.
  4. airport security
    Should Very Small Knives Be Allowed on Airplanes?The TSA says yes; Congress and flight attendants say no.
  5. airport security
    Chuck Schumer Wants to Keep Airplanes Completely Knife-FreeThe senator called on the TSA to reverse its new guidelines.
  6. airport security
    TSA to Allow Wiffle Ball Bats, Pool Cues, Tiny KnivesStill no liquids.
  7. airport security
    Airport Scanners Will No Longer Reveal Lumpy American FleshThe naked X-ray machines are being removed.
  8. airport security
    JFK Workers’ Gift to You: No Holiday StrikeBut no promises for stress-free travel in 2013.
  9. airport security
    Security Guards at JFK Airport to Strike for the HolidaysGreat.
  10. airport security
    Paperweight Causes Grenade Scare at JFKMaybe leave that paperweight at home next time?
  11. airport security
    Planes at JFK Just Get a Quick Once-Over, According to Security WorkersComforting.
  12. crimes and misdemeanors
    Jet Skier Enjoys Peaceful Walk Across JFK RunwaysIn the battle of man vs. security system, man wins.
  13. tsa overkill
    Newark Airport Evacuated Over Baby Security Breach Never trust a baby. 
  14. airport security
    TSA Left ‘Potential Pipe Bombs’ Sitting Around for Six HoursNo one seemed very concerned at the time.
  15. air travel
    Janet Napolitano: Pretty Soon You Should Be Able to Leave Your Shoes on Through Airport SecurityRemember dignity?
  16. simply stunning
    Flying Into Newark Will Leave You Just Stunned!Coulda been literally.
  17. the worst form of travel
    JFK Barely Concerned by Guy Who Claimed to Have a BombHe also claimed to be Osama bin Laden.
  18. scary things
    Man Accidentally Brings Loaded Gun on Flight, Which Apparently Happens OftenAll the time, in fact. Literally, every time someone tries, according to some studies.
  19. hands across america
    Happy National Opt-Out Day, Thanksgiving Travelers!“Families should sit around the dinner table, eating turkey, talking about their experience.”
  20. airplanes
    Law Enforcement Officer Forgot to Take His Loaded Gun Magazine With Him When He Left the AirplaneA young kid found it on the next flight, though.
  21. don’t scan me bro!
    The TSA Has Heard Your Cry, and the Groping Might Cease“Airport screening procedures will be adapted as conditions warrant.”
  22. don’t scan me bro!
    Obama: TSA’s Nude Screening a Necessary InconvenienceThough the president has not actually experienced it.
  23. airport security
    100 Images From the Controversial TSA Body ScansFlesh and bone, in all its low-res glory.
  24. terror plots
    Two Men On Chicago-To-Amsterdam Flight Arrested For ‘Preparing’ Terror AttackOne of them made it through airport security with a box cutter, knives and $7,000 in cash.
  25. public service announcements
    JFK, Newark, and La Guardia to Get Full Body Scanners Next MonthThis is your final warning.
  26. full body scans
    Full-Body Scans Finally Coming to New YorkTime to hit the gym!
  27. public service announcements
    If You Have a Small Penis, Beware Those Full-Body ScannersOne man’s tale of woe.
  28. important debates
    Airport Security Officials Caught in Most Obvious Lie EverThose full-body scanners DO record images!
  29. puppies!!!!!!
    Airport Workers Do Something Awesome for a ChangeLike saving puppies!
  30. airport security
    TSA Worker Plants Bag of White Powder on Student as a ‘Prank’TSA worker seems to think he’s in a sitcom about TSA workers.
  31. terrorism
    Bin Laden Claims Responsibility for Foiled Christmas Day AttackBin Laden releases a new audio message.
  32. airport security
    Man Breaches Security at JFKIt happened again.
  33. airport security
    Rutgers Student Arrested for Newark Security Breach; Was ‘Very Excited to Have a Real Woman’It really is just like a romantic comedy!
  34. cajuns who rage
    James Carville Does Not Fear Penis MeasurementsThe Democratic strategist will make sacrifices for airport security.
  35. airport security
    Was the Newark Airport Trespasser a Character From a Romantic Comedy?According to a source, security footage shows a heartbroken man chasing after a departing woman on the day that the airport was shut down.
  36. terror scares
    Cameras Weren’t Saving Footage in Newark Airport BreachThat’s why thousands of people had to evacuate for hours.
  37. overreactions
    Joan Rivers, a.k.a. Joan Rosenberg, a.k.a. Potential TerroristJoan Rivers is deemed a suspicious character by airport security.