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  1. islamic state watch
    In a ‘Proud Moment,’ Iraq Retakes Most of Ramadi From ISISThe battle isn’t over yet, though.
  2. mistakes were made
    Military Releases 3,000-Page Explanation of Why Kunduz Hospital Was BombedIt’s just a case of operator error and instrument failure — not a war crime!
  3. revolt like an egyptian
    NATO Spent the Day Bombing Qaddafi“We welcome death!” he replied.
  4. revolt like an egyptian
    NATO Strikes Qaddafi’s Compound Hours After State TV Tries to Confirm That He’s Still AliveIs Qaddafi still alive?
  5. revolt like an egyptian
    U.S. Drones Kill Twelve in PakistanThe same day they’re approved for use in Libya.
  6. israel
    Eight Killed in Israeli Attack on Gaza StripWomp-womp.