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    Justice Department Sues California Over Net-Neutrality LawJeff Sessions was ready and waiting.
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    How New FCC Rollbacks Could Cut Off Rural Americans From the InternetNearly 24 percent of all rural Americans reported major barriers to high-speed internet access.
  3. The Trump Administration Just Killed Sinclair Broadcast Group’s Big MergerThe local TV news giant (and unofficial propaganda arm of the White House) has lost its merger with Tribune Media — thanks to Trump’s FCC.
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    Targeted ‘Attack’ on FCC Was Just John Oliver FansThe FCC inspector general disputes a previous claim about a DDoS attack.
  5. FCC Throws Wrench Into Sinclair Media MegadealIt once seemed inevitable that the conservative juggernaut would further its local news reach, but no longer.
  6. Local News Is Turning Into Trump TV, Even Though Their Viewers Don’t Want ItAmericans prefer unbiased local news. But media consolidation makes it profitable for stations to broadcast biased national news, anyway.
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    Courageous Ajit Pai Awarded Gun for Killing Net NeutralityThe NRA presented Pai with the award at CPAC.
  8. Trump Administration’s Big Plan to Nationalize 5G Network Is DOAFrom bold idea to widespread rejection in about 12 hours.
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    Ajit Pai Cancels CES Appearance After Death ThreatsThe FCC chair won’t be heading to Las Vegas next week.
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    The Internet Can Save Itself From Ajit Pai. Just Not Here.Ajit Pai may be right that ending net neutrality will increase competition. Just not the competition he wants.
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    Harlem Shake Creator Is ‘Taking Action’ Against FCC Chairman for His Awful VideoFCC chairman Ajit Pai used Harlem Shake in an anti-net-neutrality video earlier this week.
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    Ajit Pai Made a ‘Viral’ Video With a Wannabe PizzagaterDaily Caller reporter Martina Markota, who appears in the stunt, promoted Pizzagate in an older video.
  13. Fake Americans Dominated the Net-Neutrality DebateBots inundated the FCC with anti-net-neutrality comments. And the Trump administration is hampering an investigation into how that happened.
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    The Fight Over Net Neutrality Is a Protection RacketNice internet you have there — a shame if something happened to it.
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    Here’s How the FCC Plans to Ruin the Open InternetA big win for telecom and a huge loss for everyone else.
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    FCC Shifts Broadband-Subsidy Oversight to States Incapable of Handling ItIt’s a move that benefits monopolies and punishes smaller ISPs.
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    Will Trump’s Trolls Allow Him to End the Open Internet?The trolls and activists among Donald Trump’s most fervent online supporters are divided about his likely internet policies.
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    Say Good-bye to the Last Pillar of the Free, Open InternetDonald Trump’s new FCC commissioner is an avowed foe of the principles of an open internet.