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Akai Gurley

  1. New York City Will Pay Family of Akai Gurley More Than $4 MillionThe Brooklyn man was killed after an NYPD cop fired off his gun in a dark stairwell.
  2. the criminal justice system
    Ken Thompson’s Mission for Racial EqualityA goal that just happens to boost the district attorney’s political profile. 
  3. city politic
    Is the Akai Gurley Indictment a Makeup Call for the Eric Garner Case? “The guy who deserved to get indicted didn’t, and the guy who screwed up probably will.”
  4. new york’s finest
    NYPD Officer Reportedly Indicted in Killing of Akai GurleyThe charges aren’t clear.
  5. new york’s finest
    Grand Jury to Consider Charges Against Cop Who Shot Akai GurleyThe 28-year-old’s funeral is scheduled for Saturday.
  6. new york’s finest
    Rookie Cop’s First Instinct Was Self-ProtectionHe texted his union rep before radioing for help.
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    NYC Councilmembers Walk Out to Protest Ferguson DecisionAfter fatal NYPD shooting earlier this week.