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  1. voting rights
    Democrats Are Cruising for a Bruising on Voting RightsIf Biden and his party raise expectations on voting rights legislation that they cannot fulfill, the repercussions could be serious in 2022.
  2. encounter
    Two Weeks With Rachel Noerdlinger, the Movement’s PublicistFrom Bill de Blasio’s City Hall to George Floyd’s memorial service.
  3. vision 2020
    What Does the History of Black Primary Voting Tell Us About 2020?It’s not totally clear whether Harris or Booker will perform like Barack Obama in 2008 or like Al Sharpton in 2004.
  4. trump tweets
    Trump Picks a Fight With Al Sharpton, Calls Him a ‘Con Man’ Who ‘Hates Whites’After roughly 48 hours without lashing out at a black public figure, Trump goes after an old friend.
  5. voting rights
    A Murder Charge Threatens the Voting Rights Crusade of Al Sharpton’s BrotherAs Pastor Kenneth Glasgow campaigns to re-enfranchise ex-felons across the South, he faces the possibility of imprisonment himself.
  6. cable news news
    MSNBC Bumps Al Sharpton From Weeknights to Sunday MorningsBut he insists it isn’t a demotion.
  7. al sharpton
    Al Sharpton’s Diet Secret: Don’t EatThe once rotund minister is now two pounds from being underweight.
  8. crimes and misdemeanors
    NYPD Investigating Rape Accusation Against Prominent Civil-Rights Lawyer The assault allegedly happened after Al Sharpton’s birthday party.
  9. early and awkward
    Hillary Clinton Wished Al Sharpton a Happy Birthday; He Alerted the PressBy sending out a press release about the call.
  10. ferguson
    Watch Sharpton Preach at Michael Brown’s FuneralThe reverend’s full eulogy.
  11. protests
    Thousands Show Up to Protest Death of Eric Garner The demonstration wrapped up without any arrests or serious incidents. 
  12. bill de blasio’s new york
    Garner March Moved From Bridge to Staten IslandMayor de Blasio, Al Sharpton, Bill Bratton, and the MTA had a lot of trouble figuring this one out. 
  13. feline puppies!!
    Al Sharpton Insists He Is a Cat, Not a Rat, in Catchy Denial“I chase rats.”
  14. early and awkward
    Report Claims Al Sharpton Helped Bring Down Mobsters As an FBI Informant“Are you saying it’s scandalous for me to help the good guys?”
  15. shop and frisk
    Shoppers Now Have a ‘Bill of Rights’ Against Profiling, for What It’s WorthNot much, one victims says.
  16. nypd
    Bratton’s First Stop As Top Cop: Al Sharpton’s HeadquartersHe invoked Nelson Mandela in his first public appearance.
  17. shop and frisk
    Barneys Blames Cops for Profiling Black Shoppers“No one from Barneys New York raised any issue with these purchases.”
  18. the racie for gracie
    Joe Lhota Proves He’s Willing to Meet With Al SharptonUnlike Giuliani.
  19. the racie for gracie
    The Democratic Mayoral Candidates Had a Sleepover in the ProjectsSeparate sleepovers, but still.
  20. trayvon martin
    Thousands (Including Beyoncé and Jay-Z) Attend Trayvon Martin Rallies [Updated]Al Sharpton organized 100 demonstrations across the country.
  21. 2013 mayoral race
    Quinn Booed for Saying She’d Keep Ray KellyShe supports the man but not his policy.
  22. stop and frisk
    Today’s Stop-and-Frisk Protest Was Very Large and Quiet Thousands participated in a silent march down Fifth Avenue.
  23. crimes and misdemeanors
    Family of Brooklyn Man Who Died After Cop Car Chase Demands JusticeWitnesses say NYPD officers drove into Tamon Robinson.
  24. trayvon martin
    Marchers Demand Arrest in Trayvon Martin ShootingOver a thousand people took to the streets in Sanford, Florida. 
  25. trayvon martin
    Trayvon’s Mother Tries to Trademark Protest PhrasesLegions of online hawkers are cashing in.
  26. New Prosecutor Named in Martin Case As Thousands Rally in FloridaThousands attended a rally in Sanford, Florida, as a new prosecutor in the Trayvon Martin case was named.
  27. 21 questions
    Al Sharpton’s Favorite Medication Is AirThe activist, radio host, and TV personality answers our 21 Questions.
  28. cable news news
    Al Sharpton Doesn’t Appreciate Republicans Eating All the Blueberry PieOr something.
  29. cable news news
    Al Sharpton Didn’t Know the Rules of Being on TVMSNBC life will be an adjustment for the civil rights activist.
  30. rick rolling
    Politico: ‘Perry Panic’ Is Spreading“We better load up, because he is bringing it.”
  31. race relations
    Reverend Al Sharpton Agrees Not to Attend Panel on Crown Heights RiotsBut he still argues that he wasn’t responsible.
  32. the reverend
    Al Sharpton Is Probably Headed to an MSNBC Anchor SeatHe’s likely taking over the 6 pm spot.
  33. early and often
    Obama Was in New York Last Night Reminiscing With Al Sharpton“I remember what it was like pumping gas.”
  34. Al Sharpton Suggests GOP Has ‘Lost Control’ Over Sarah PalinPalin had been called ‘Al Sharpton, Alaska edition.”
  35. early and often
    Chuck Todd Can’t Bring Himself to Compare Two Black People for Being BlackHerman Cain and Al Sharpton are alike why?
  36. the good reverend
    Sharpton’s National Action Network’s Financial Circumstances ‘Create Substantial Doubt About the Organization’s Ability to Continue’Uh-oh.
  37. charlie rangel
    Rangel’s Birthday Party ‘Damn Sure Ain’t No Funeral’No more lame excuses.
  38. brushes with greatness
    A Moment With the Reverend“Al Sharpton, forced to go back through the metal detector after removing the enormous comb from his pocket that he failed to remove the first time.”
  39. reefer madness
    Which New York Politicians Have Smoked Pot, and How Embarrassed Are They About It?Some pretend they didn’t enjoy it, some lie, and some flat out brag about it.
  40. immigration reform
    Arizona Immigration Law Draws Ire of Sharpton, New York PoliticiansBloomberg: “America will be badly hurt if more states follow Arizona’s lead.”
  41. gossipmonger
    Jessica Szohr Is Playing the FieldAccording to a report, the ‘Gossip Girl’ star was seeing more than one boy behind boyfriend Ed Westwick’s back.
  42. bromances
    Glenn Beck and Al Sharpton Meet, Earth Remains on AxisIf these two can get along, maybe there’s hope for the rest of us.
  43. bons mots
    Al Sharpton Thinks Kirsten Gillibrand May Have ‘Mystical Powers’That or the or “the best luck he’s ever seen in politics.”
  44. the cuddle muddle
    Black Leaders Still United Behind Paterson, in a Fractured Sort of WayAl Sharpton, for one, seems to have his doubts.
  45. early and often
    Paterson Coalition Beginning to CrumbleHis Democratic allies are spooked.
  46. crackdowns
    Governor Paterson and Reverend Sharpton to Stop Bodegas From Selling Creatively Named Homemade BoozeSay good-bye to Nutcracker, SpongeBob, and Finding Nemo.
  47. arrests
    Al Sharpton Is Mad at Cops Who Arrested His Daughter, Ex-WifeThe Rev. takes his anger to Twitter.
  48. gossipmonger
    James Gandolfini Slipped Al Sharpton a SalamiAnd more celebrity interaction, in our daily gossip roundup.
  49. awkward things
    MSNBC Mistakes Reverend Jesse Jackson for Reverend Al SharptonWhile he was sitting in the studio talking to them, no less.
  50. the race card
    Rush Limbaugh Blasts His Race-Card-Playing EnemiesControversial radio host claims his only crime was conservatism.
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