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Alabama Senate Race

  1. 2020 elections
    Trump Endorses Sessions Foe in AlabamaBacking Tommy Tuberville is Trump’s ultimate revenge on his former attorney general for failing to quash what became the Mueller investigation.
  2. super tuesday
    There Were Down-Ballot Contests on Super Tuesday, TooFive states had down-ballot races, and some will shape the congressional landscape in November.
  3. impeachment
    House Republican Wants Impeachment of Trump to Include Impeachment of ObamaBradley Byrne, an Alabama Republicans who needs some MAGA magic, is going the extra mile to go after Trump’s hated predecessor.
  4. alabama senate race
    Tommy Tuberville: Roy Moore Without the Sex ScandalsThe former Auburn coach is working hard to dumb down the 2020 Alabama Senate race.
  5. lost causes
    Roy Moore Won’t Accept Reality, Fundraises for ‘Election Integrity Fund’Math be damned, the defeated candidate is pushing voter fraud.
  6. Roy Moore Still Hasn’t ConcededHe’s still waiting on God.
  7. the national interest
    Alabama Voters to Roy Moore: F*ck You and the Horse You Rode in OnThe candidate who is Donald Trump, but more so, suffers an ominous defeat.
  8. Moore Using Abortion Issue to Shame Conservatives Into Voting on December 12Roy Moore’s emphasis on the abortion issue shows the importance of a narrow band of conservative voters who may or may not go to the polls.
  9. Can Doug Jones’s Money Make Roy Moore’s Misdeeds Matter?The alleged sex predator is creeping back up in recent polls, even as his Democratic rival outspends him on TV ads by seven to one.
  10. New Doug Jones Ad Quotes Ivanka TrumpThe Democratic candidate is using Republicans’ own words in his bid to defeat Roy Moore.
  11. Kellyanne Conway Basically Tells People to Vote for Roy MooreTax cuts are more important than alleged abuse.
  12. Polls Show Roy Moore Crashing in AlabamaBut there’s still plenty of time left.
  13. Obama Is Now More Popular Than Trump in Alabama, Fox News Poll FindsAlso, Democrat Doug Jones leads Roy Moore by eight points in the race for Jeff Sessions’s old Senate seat.
  14. Roy Moore’s Campaign Demands Accuser ‘Release the Yearbook’Moore’s lawyer argues that one of the sexual-misconduct allegations against the candidate could be false, according to a handwriting expert.
  15. The Senators Who Have Fled Roy Moore: A Running ListOnly one GOP senator publicly remains in his camp.
  16. Mitch McConnell Says Roy Moore Should Quit Senate Race“I believe the women.”
  17. White House Advisers Create Some Distance From Roy MooreBut they left themselves an out.
  18. Senators Flee Roy Moore, But He’s Not Going AnywhereAn antiestablishment candidate won’t bow to the Establishment’s wishes.
  19. Moore Responds to Sexual Misconduct Allegations With Evasive ManeuversMoore denies he committed crimes against teenage girls, but can’t or won’t deny creepy behavior, which undermines his credibility.
  20. First Poll After Sexual-Misconduct Allegations Shows Moore, Jones Dead EvenA survey in which 82 percent of respondents indicated they’d heard about the Post story involving Moore indicated he’s damaged but not doomed.
  21. Roy Moore’s Troubles Could Open a Door to a Democratic SenateIt’s early days, but allegations of predatory behavior by the Alabamian could reduce the GOP’s Senate margin to one vote.