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Alabama Special Election

  1. Leave Steve Bannon Alone!Contrary to popular belief (and his own delusions), Bannon is far too irrelevant to bear responsibility for the GOP’s loss in Alabama.
  2. 7 Lessons From the Democrats’ Triumph in AlabamaThe suburbs are turning blue, black voters are turning out, and the prospects of “welfare reform” just turned grim.
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    Cory Booker Campaigns for Alabama’s Doug Jones — and Maybe Himself in 2020If the New Jersey senator is successful, he’ll have helped defeat Roy Moore. If not, he got a chance to test out his stump speech.
  4. Poll: 71 Percent of Alabama Republicans Think Roy Moore Allegations Are Made UpThis sounds a little like a certain election that took place in 2016.
  5. Can Doug Jones’s Money Make Roy Moore’s Misdeeds Matter?The alleged sex predator is creeping back up in recent polls, even as his Democratic rival outspends him on TV ads by seven to one.
  6. Roy Moore’s Communications Director Resigns Weeks Before Special ElectionIt’s not clear why the alleged sexual predator’s spokesman quit.
  7. Republicans Are Asking Alabama to Err on Side of Electing a Child MolesterRepublicans have no reason to doubt the allegations against Moore — and no good excuse for asking voters to do so.