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  1. alabama special election
    Cory Booker Campaigns for Alabama’s Doug Jones — and Maybe Himself in 2020If the New Jersey senator is successful, he’ll have helped defeat Roy Moore. If not, he got a chance to test out his stump speech.
  2. Roy Moore Disappears From Campaign Trail, Probably to Watch FootballWhile the campaign wouldn’t comment on his whereabouts, several sources said he was in Philadelphia at the Army-Navy game.
  3. Trump Pushes Moore, Celebrates Himself at Florida RallyHe also took the time to ridicule “the resistance.”
  4. On Second Thought, the RNC Would Like to Elect Alleged Sex Predator Roy MooreThree weeks after cutting Moore off, the RNC said it will resume its support for the Alabama candidate, citing Trump’s endorsement.
  5. Bannon Plans to ‘Shock’ Elites by Electing Moore, Another Alleged Sex PredatorThis time, few are convinced that the sexual-abuse claims will cost Bannon’s candidate the election.
  6. politics
    Trump Tweets Further Support for Roy MooreThe president continues to think that being a generic Democrat is worse than having been accused of preying on teen girls.
  7. Roy Moore’s Communications Director Resigns Weeks Before Special ElectionIt’s not clear why the alleged sexual predator’s spokesman quit.
  8. The Most Outrageous Roy Moore Defenses“I believe in this instance that Roy Moore is the victim.”
  9. Alabama’s Next Senator Could Arrive at the Worst Possible Time for the GOPLooks like the winner of Alabama’s December 12 special election could enter the Senate just in time to threaten passage of key tax and spending bills.
  10. The GOP Can’t Quite Bring Itself to Support an Alleged Teen RapistRepublicans have finally found a line they can’t cross – if not for ethical reasons, then for political ones.
  11. Pence, GOP Senators: Roy Moore Should Withdraw From Race If Accusations Are TrueSenator John McCain dispensed with the caveat and said Moore needs to step aside.
  12. Politics Chat: What Will the GOP Do With Moore’s Sexual Misconduct Allegations?Five Daily Intel staffers try to parse the GOP’s options. It’s going to be a mess.
  13. Roy Moore: Kneeling During the National Anthem Undermines ‘the Rule of Law’“If we disobey this, what else are we going to disobey?” asks the GOP Senate candidate who has defied court orders and Supreme Court rulings.
  14. New Polls Show Crazy End to 2017 Elections Is PossibleThe GOP is threatening to win in newly blue Virginia, while a Democrat is doing well in deep-red Alabama. Clear lessons from 2017 may be hard to find.
  15. Steve Bannon’s Dubious Plan to Purge Senate RepublicansIt’s hard to tell whether it’s just talk or a real threat.
  16. Hurricane Nate Weakens to Tropical Storm After LandfallNo significant damage was reported along the central Gulf Coast, but the danger of flash flooding remains as the storm moves further inland.
  17. extreme weather
    Hurricane Nate Expected to Reach Category 2 Strength Before Striking Gulf CoastThe fast but intensifying storm will likely make landfall just east of New Orleans overnight Saturday.
  18. Could Trump Be About to Stab Luther Strange in the Back?After deflating Mo Brooks’s candidacy with a surprise endorsement of Luther Strange, reports now suggest Trump could turn his back on Strange, too.
  19. Trump Fans Moore and Strange Head to a Runoff in Alabama Senate RaceAll of Mitch McConnell’s fundraising and Trump’s endorsement only won Luther Strange a second-place finish and a runoff fight with Judge Roy Moore.
  20. Alabama GOP Senate Primary Getting Strange-er After Trump InterventionAlabama GOP voters likely to vault the wheezing campaign of Trump’s endorsee Luther Strange into a runoff with the grim celebrity theocrat Roy Moore.
  21. Trump Shocks Alabama Republicans by Endorsing Luther Strange for the SenateThe president shook up a tight three-way race for the GOP Senate nomination by endorsing Mitch McConnell’s candidate just days before the primary.
  22. In Alabama Senate Race, There’s Stiff Competition to Be the Most Pro-TrumpAll three major candidates profess to love the president. But they’re really fighting about Mitch McConnell.
  23. Will Trump Jump Into Alabama’s Crazy Senate Primary?He could tap McConnell’s favorite Luther Strange or Hannity’s favorite Mo Brooks. Theocrat Roy Moore’s in the mix, too.
  24. The Democrats’ Losing Streak Will Likely End in NovemberThe party needs a win in a nationally significant and competitive contest. There is still hope this year.
  25. Greg Gianforte’s Election-Eve Self-Sabotage Is One for the History BooksYou have to go back to a disastrous 1962 election-night speech by Alabama’s Jim Folsom to find a parallel to Gianforte’s last-minute self-sabotage.
  26. Alabama’s ‘Ten Commandments Judge’ Is Running for SenateAfter a bizarre career, famed theocrat Roy Moore wants to go to D.C.
  27. scandals
    Alabama Governor Resigns Over Sex Scandal, Pleads Guilty to MisdemeanorsKay Ivey has been sworn in as the second female governor in state history.
  28. Alabama’s Governor Expected to Resign After Protracted Sex ScandalBesieged by the legislature and the state ethics commission, Robert Bentley will probably cut a deal to avoid the slammer.
  29. ‘Big Luther’ Strange Will Replace Jeff Sessions in the U.S. SenateThe super-tall Alabama attorney general is seen as a good bet to retain the seat for the GOP in a 2018 special election.
  30. Jeff Sessions’s Promotion Stirs Pot in Alabama Governor’s Sex ScandalGovernor Robert Bentley could appoint the man who has been investigating his sex-and-corruption case to Sessions’s seat.
  31. Alabama Official Apologizes After 50-Foot Cedar Chopped Down for Trump RallyCitizens were pissed after the tree was removed from a public park.
  32. Trump’s America Could Be Like Alabama With NukesMore and more, the new administration seems to be taking on a southern-fried reactionary character.
  33. Creepy Clowns Are Still Terrifying People Across the SouthA Kentucky man in a clown costume was arrested for lurking near an apartment complex at 1 a.m.
  34. lgbt rights
    Alabama Chief Justice Suspended for Blocking Same-Sex MarriageRoy Moore said he intends to fight the suspension.
  35. SCOTUS Reverses Lesbian Adoption Court OrderStates have to recognize other states’ laws, says the Constitution. 
  36. Alabama Supreme Court Justice Bans Same-Sex Marriage (Again)Oh, hey, it’s Roy Moore.
  37. voter suppression
    Alabama Partially Reverses Closure of Driver’s License Offices in Poor CountiesIn response to widespread criticism, the offices will now open one day a month to serve local residents.
  38. equal rites
    Judge Blocking Gay Marriage Worried About IncestRoy Moore is sure he’s on the right side of history. 
  39. equal rites
    Gay Marriage Has Arrived in Alabama Despite the efforts of the state’s chief justice.
  40. politics
    Gay Alabama Legislator Threatens to Out Adulterous ColleaguesAfter they speak out against gay marriage.
  41. big brother
    Alabama Schools Hired Ex-FBI to Monitor StudentsFourteen were later expelled.
  42. Alabama Judge Compares Abortion to Gun Rights, Strikes Down RestrictionBecause you can’t take away our guns.
  43. the sports section
    George W. Bush Feels Alabama Kicker’s PainHe said so in a note.
  44. scary things
    Man Who Took Child Hostage Had Bombs in Bunker, Wanted TV InterviewFBI agents made their move when Dykes came up for supplies.
  45. crimes and misdemeanors
    ‘Fat Butt Michelle Obama’ Rant Warrants Ten-Day Suspension for Alabama CoachSome school-board members say that’s too harsh.
  46. scary things
    Alabama Hostage Crisis Ends With Child Alive, Kidnapper DeadThe FBI moved in and made a rescue.
  47. get off my lawn
    Alabama Court Is Not OK With Man Who Buried Deceased Wife in Front YardThe man has appealed the decision.
  48. school shootings
    There Was a Shooting Near Auburn University Last NightMixed reports of between one and three fatalities.
  49. other states’ embarrassments
    Alabama State Senator Wants to Keep Teachers Poor, for the ChildrenHe has a really good (read: terrible) reason for this. 
  50. the post-racial world
    Man Wearing Wire Catches Alabama State Senator Calling Black People ‘Aborigines’Now for the best part: The state senator was also the man wearing the wire.
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