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Albany Chaos

  1. early and often
    Judge Blocks Paterson’s Lt. Governor AppointeeDick Ravitch won’t be able to take office quite yet.
  2. equal rites
    Tom Duane Gives Up on Marriage Equality, for NowThe vocal, openly gay advocate says passing Paterson’s marriage bill just isn’t in the cards this summer.
  3. oh albany!
    The Albany Stalemate Is Finally, Officially, Mercifully OverBills gets passed! Do our eyes deceive us?
  4. equal rites
    Espada’s Re-Defection: Not Good for Gay MarriagePedro’s been posing for too many pictures with fellow “Amigo” Ruben Diaz Sr. for it to seem like it’s in the cards.
  5. oh albany!
    Espada: I’m Coming Home to DemocratsUnwilling to let David Paterson appear to solve the State Senate stalemate, rebel Democrat Pedro Espada says he’s returning to the fold and solving the problem that he started.
  6. oh albany!
    Paterson Names Dick Ravitch Lieutenant Governor [Updated]According to the ‘Times,’ the former MTA chair is the man Paterson thinks will solve the State Senate’s problems.
  7. oh albany!
    Constitutional Experts, Democratic Assemblyman Warn PatersonPaterson’s potential appointment of a lieutenant governor is unconstitutional, they say.
  8. oh albany!
    State Senators Lose Money Temporarily, Taxpayers PermanentlyThe state comptroller is withholding pay from state senators, though they’ll get it back eventually.
  9. oh albany!
    Has Paterson Had the Solution to the Senate Mess in His Hands All Along?According to some good-government advocates, yes. According to Andrew Cuomo, no.
  10. oh albany!
    State Senators Were Able to Enjoy the Holiday Weekend After AllGovernor Paterson: heart of gold.
  11. the third terminator
    Bloomberg Flouts State Senate’s Efforts to End Mayoral Control of SchoolsThe Board of Education met briefly yesterday to give power back to Schools Chancellor Joel Klein.
  12. albany chaos
    Answering Your Questions About the Chaos in AlbanyEverything you need to know about why nothing is getting done in our State Senate.
  13. oh albany!
    Leave Governor Paterson AlonePaterson is doing what he can to end this mess. Why is that so funny?
  14. oh albany!
    Paterson Wins in Appeal to Make Senators Sit Down TogetherOf course, this doesn’t mean they’ll actually do anything.
  15. oh albany!
    Senate Somehow Manages to Top Previous RidiculousnessDemocratic senators claim to have 32 votes after a Republican briefly walks through the chamber.
  16. oh albany!
    Judge Rules in Paterson’s Favor, Insists Senate Meet (Together!) Tomorrow MorningOf course, this has already been appealed.
  17. oh albany!
    Bloomberg: Call Your Senators. At Home. At 3 a.m.He’ll even give you the right number.
  18. oh albany!
    Paterson to Take Pork-Barrel Spending Away From Senators, TooSoon, all they will have is their late-seventies Formica office décor and a few suits that have been made too shiny by decades of Albany dry cleaning.
  19. oh albany!
    That Light Was a Train After AllTalks of a deal in Albany were premature, after all.
  20. oh albany!
    Is the End of the Senate Impasse Almost Here?A deal is reportedly in the works, with Pedro Espada making a surprise concession.
  21. oh albany!
    Senate Democrat: Paterson Is a ‘Coke-Snorting, Staff-Banging Governor’This is where we’re at now.
  22. oh albany!
    Paterson Instructs Treasurer to Stop Paying SenatorsHe may or may not actually be allowed to do this.
  23. early and often
    Rick Lazio Running for Governor, Wants to Abolish SenateOr, more accurately, merge it with the Assembly.
  24. oh albany!
    Paterson’s Threats to Senators Working? They’d Never Admit ItBut it just might be.
  25. oh albany!
    Senate Democrats Hold a Brief, Meaningless Half-SessionThey didn’t even try to vote on anything.
  26. oh albany!
    Democrats Have Been Locked in Senate Chamber Since Six This MorningSo, that’s happening.
  27. oh albany!
    Rudy Giuliani Will Save New York!He calls for a constitutional convention to enact some surprisingly reasonable reforms.