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Albany Coup

  1. oh albany!
    Paterson to Take Pork-Barrel Spending Away From Senators, TooSoon, all they will have is their late-seventies Formica office décor and a few suits that have been made too shiny by decades of Albany dry cleaning.
  2. oh albany!
    Paterson Instructs Treasurer to Stop Paying SenatorsHe may or may not actually be allowed to do this.
  3. oh albany!
    Paterson’s Threats to Senators Working? They’d Never Admit ItBut it just might be.
  4. oh albany!
    Senate Democrats Hold a Brief, Meaningless Half-SessionThey didn’t even try to vote on anything.
  5. oh albany!
    Democrats Have Been Locked in Senate Chamber Since Six This MorningSo, that’s happening.
  6. oh albany!
    Paterson Reaches Out to Squabbling Senate, Orders Them Again to Convene (Updated)Which they will, in some form, on Wednesday.
  7. oh albany!
    Senate Republicans Enter Chamber, Proceed With Their Own AgendaThe Democrats, meanwhile, remain silent on the sidelines.
  8. oh albany!
    More Madness in Albany: Democrats Lock Themselves in State Senate Chamber [Updated]And Pedro Espada is sneaking the press in to watch!
  9. oh albany!
    Power-Sharing Deal Gains Momentum in AlbanyGovernor Paterson’s threats worked, after all.
  10. oh albany!
    Senators Just Barely Refrain From Fisticuffs, UnfortunatelyMaybe one big brawl is what we need up there.
  11. oh albany!
    The State Senate Has Accomplished at Least One Thing Since Last WeekMaking sure that they get paid.
  12. oh albany!
    Wireless Store Betting on New Yorkers’ Political AwarenessWhat does Malcolm X have to do with BlackBerrys?
  13. albany coup
    Pedro Espada Has a Solution to a Divided AlbanyGive him two votes!
  14. albany
    Paterson Offers to Run Senate for Warring FactionsWarring factions say: “No, thanks.”
  15. oh albany!
    Judge Rules to Uphold Albany Coup; Still, Nobody Knows Who Has WonAfter senators fail to reach a compromise, Judge McNamara dismisses the Democrats’ case.
  16. albany coup
    In Albany, More Stalemate Solutions IgnoredBecause what’s the rush?
  17. albany coup
    Hiram Monserrate Back With DemocratsThis, unsurprisingly, does not make anything better.
  18. oh albany!
    Judge Mistakenly Treats Warring Senators Like AdultsHe asks them to try to sort everything out among themselves. Heh.
  19. albany coup
    The Press Has Some Words for Hiram MonserrateNot many of them are nice.
  20. albany coup
    Morning Hearing Granted to Sort Out Albany MessAdults are, finally, officially involved.
  21. albany coup
    Monserrate Meets With Sampson and DemocratsCould the Great Coup of 2009 be on shaky ground?
  22. albany coup
    Spitzer Glad to See New Albany Scandal Taking Our Minds Off Old OnesAnd he thinks we should be glad, too.
  23. albany coup
    Senate Showdown Disappointingly DiffusedA confrontation over entering the locked Senate Chamber fizzled when Queens State Senator Hiram Monserrate began to wimp out.
  24. albany coup
    Showdown at the Senate ChamberThe GOP takeover of the Senate chamber is imminent, and it looks like there will be trouble.
  25. albany coup
    Albany Aggression Getting Really Childish NowAccording to one senator, there will be a “spirited game of duck-duck-goose” later, so be sure not to miss that.
  26. early and often
    Paterson on Senate Snafu: ‘This Is Getting a Little Ridiculous’The governor railed against both parties for not “acting like adults.”
  27. early and often
    GOP State Senator: Let’s Hire a Locksmith!Breaking into the State Senate chamber is just the latest awesome plan out of Albany.
  28. equal rites
    Senator Tom Duane Eyeing Faustian Bargain?The recently AWOL, openly gay Democrat may be making a deal to get a vote on gay marriage.
  29. oh albany!
    Malcolm Smith Probably Wishes He Had Put the BlackBerry DownHow bad manners brought down the Senate Democrats.
  30. early and often
    Chris Smith: What Will the City Get Out of the Albany Shake-up?That’s what we need to be asking ourselves.
  31. early and often
    Pedro Espada Was Maybe Mad at Democrats for Not Letting Him Give Money to His FriendsIn the months leading up to yesterday’s coup in Albany, top members of Espada’s party refused to earmark funds for organizations tied to him that they couldn’t prove were real nonprofits.
  32. what other people think
    Albany Coup Reactions: What Just Happened?Today’s papers sound off on yesterday’s shocking overthrow.
  33. early and often
    Gershman: If Dems Have an Ace, They’d Better Play It FastOur man in Albany provides news analysis of yesterday’s tumultuous events.
  34. equal rites
    Assemblyman Daniel O’Donnell: I Still Believe Marriage Equality Is ComingEven though the landscape of Albany has been dramatically upheaved, one advocate at least still sees hope.
  35. early and often
    GOP Takes Over State SenateIn a surprise move, the Republicans won two Democrats over to their side, and swung control of the body back their way.