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  1. bias
    Siri, Are Feminine AI Voices Sexist?The leading tech companies all offer feminized assistants that perpetuate gender stereotypes.
  2. smart speakers
    A Parent’s Guide to Not Feeling So Bad About Using AlexaFor parents, smart speakers are great, as well as very weird and scary. We talk to experts about how you can assuage some of your anxieties.
  3. alexa
    Hey, Alexa, Who Is Winning the Election in New York?A new Echo feature will let users ask about polling information and election results during next week’s midterms.
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    A Simple Guide to Navigating Prime Day Smart-Home SalesA whole bunch of Echo models are on sale today.
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    ‘This Is So Sad Alexa Play Despacito,’ Explained(?)The story behind the phrase that’s taken over stan culture.
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    Amazon’s Alexa Is Your Next Hotel ConciergeFinally, you can get extra toilet paper by just screaming at your hotel room.
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    Amazon Alexa Reportedly Secretly Recorded Conversation and Sent It to a RandoA family in Portland was horrified when a man in Seattle called and said he’d heard their private conversations.
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    Can’t Imagine Why People Are Naming Fewer Babies ‘Alexa’Thoughts? Anyone?
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    Amazon Now Offering Home Security Starter PacksFor less than $1,000, Amazon will set up a security system for you.
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    I Had to Teach My Alexa That Eggplants Were FruitEgg-plant, egg-plahnt. Let’s call the whole thing off.
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    Tech Companies Want to Get in on the Ground Floor of Smart-Home ConstructionWhy sell someone a smart speaker when you can get them to buy a house with your smart speakers embedded in the walls?
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    How Does Siri Actually Know What I’m Saying?A simple guide to how voice assistants process speech, and how they know you’re talking to them.
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    Why Do My Exes Hate My Echo So Much?All of my exes hated how I talked to my Echo Dot. An investigation into why.
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    Does Anyone Want to Hear My Internal Voice? Anyone?Researchers at MIT invented a device that lets you … hear your own thoughts. And maybe talk to Alexa.
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    Your Alexa Might Be Working With the PolicePolice in England have been testing ways to use Amazon Echo in crime reporting.
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    This Is Why Alexa Is Laughing at YouYou’re powerless to stop her. She and her ilk grow in power with each passing day.
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    Like Everyone Else, Amazon’s Alexa Is Laughing at YouUsers don’t know why the devices are activating on their own.
  18. What If Cardi B Was the Voice of Alexa?Amazon’s new Super Bowl ad creates the possibility.
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    Tennessee Man Very Concerned His Google Home Doesn’t Know Who Jesus IsA Google Home will tell you about Satan, but not Jesus Christ.
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    Alexa Can Now Tell Who’s SpeakingNo more calling the wrong person.
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    Amazon’s New Echo Is a Tableside Alarm Clock With a ScreenAmazon announced roughly seven gazillion new Echoes today.
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    You Can Now Ask Amazon’s Alexa for Sex PlaylistsAmazon will now serve up music “for making babies.”
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    Kill Time Waiting for the New Game of Thrones With These Alexa Easter EggsHey Alexa … is winter coming?
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    Amazon’s New Alexa Device, the Echo Show, Comes With a ScreenAmazon’s newest gizmo pushes video chat heavily.
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    God Help Me, I Want This Futuristic $200 Alexa Ring LampIt’s available for preorder now, and starts shipping in September.
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    Why All Your Gadgets Want You to Talk to ThemWhy all the electronic stuff in your life are suddenly so desperate to start up a conversation.
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    Woman Named Alexa Seary Having a Tough Time in This Cruel, Robot-Covered WorldAt least her middle name isn’t “Okay, Google.”
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    Alexa, Are You Connected to the CIA?Another day, another good Amazon Echo video.
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    Alexas Worldwide Revolt Over Sharing Their Name With Amazon’s RobotDon’t forget: You can change the speaker’s name.
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    The 7 Best New Alexa SkillsHow to make your Echo do even more for you.