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Ali Wise

  1. Ali Wise Pleads GuiltyWill avoid the bad lighting of jail.
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    Donald Trump Loves Lady Gaga After AllNow we can all sleep easy.
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    Courtney Love Is ‘Not on Drugs, BTW’Tila Tequila is “God’s messenger,” and other facts we learned on Twitter this morning.
  4. Stay Tuned for Ali Wise Goes to the Big HouseThe scheming socialite hacks her way onto television.
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    Natalie Portman Thinks Being in a Love Triangle Would Be ‘Fun’Also, Hugh Hefner’s girlfriends might have actually been prostitutes.
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    Being an Accused Psycho Has Made Ali Wise More Popular Than EverThe scandalized publicist will host a party this Friday night.
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    Stacey Bendet Defends Ali WiseOn Facebook, where the truth always wins out!
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    Ali Wise Hacked Phones Nearly 700 TimesThe former Dolce & Gabbana publicist was hit with additional charges yesterday.
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    California Pageant Organizers Want Carrie Prejean’s Boobs BackThat, and the rest of today’s body-oriented gossip.
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    Free Ali Wise!“If someone like Ali Wise goes to jail, then our system is a disaster.”
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    Ali Wise Is Taking a Little ‘Me’ TimeThe scandalized publicist is back in New York, but things are different now.
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    Ali Wise Opens Her Heart to Forgiveness, Ultimate PowerThe voice-mail-hacking socialite comes around, via Twitter.
  13. Another Blonde Socialite Stands AccusedJules Kirby was arrested in Southampton for desecrating the flag — but are these allegations fair?
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    Wise-cracked to Air on CW?E-mail–hacking publicist Ali Wise may get her own reality show.
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    Ali Wise to Some Girl: ‘Do Not Get on That Plane’“It’s like you get a phone call, and then you die. SOCIALLY.”
  16. Diagramming Serena Boardman and Jamie Tisch’s E-mail ContretempsMore blonde socialites are fighting! And it’s complicated.
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    Ali Wise ‘Has Done Nothing Wrong,’ Says LawyerBecause hacking into someone’s voice mail is merely creepy, not illegal.
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    The Boy That Came Between Ali Wise and Nina FreudenbergerWe TOTALLY KNOW HIM. (Kind of.) Does this mean we’re getting hacked?
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    The Curious Case of the Hacked Socialite Voice MailsPublicist Ali Wise hacked into interior designer Nina Freudenberger’s voice mail. Why?