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Allan Houston

  1. party lines
    John Starks Is a Chameleon on the SubwayBy the time you realize it’s the Knicks fan favorite, he’s already gone.
  2. the sports section
    Allan Houston Goes Viral, Will Totally Make the KnicksMore proof that his latest comeback attempt will be wildly successful.
  3. intel
    Did Obama Pick the Wrong Playmates? Barack Obama is heading to Greenwich this weekend to raise money from well-known hedge-funders (i.e. Paul Tudor Jones), but a minimum $1,000-a-head reception at the home of retired Knick Allan Houston on Saturday is drawing heavy criticism from some Jewish anti-discrimination groups. “It’s very unfortunate,” says David Twersky, communications director at the American Jewish Congress. “It looks like Obama is doing pretty well. He doesn’t need Allan Houston’s money.”