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Allen Weisselberg

  1. exhibit a
    The Trump Organization Was Convicted After a Truly Embarrassing DefenseAny lawyer would have a hard time convincing a jury of the company’s innocence, but these lawyers acted like buffoons.
  2. politics
    Attorneys in Trump Trial Struggle to Find Jurors Who Don’t Hate HimOne prospective juror who was sent home said, “I really, really don’t like Trump at all.”
  3. the law
    The Accountant Flips on Trump’s EmpireThe Trump Organization CFO Allen Weisselberg pleads guilty as part of a deal that requires him to testify against the company.
  4. media
    The Problem With Prosecutor PunditryLegal experts keep promising the walls are closing in on Trump. Haven’t we learned anything?
  5. the national interest
    Republicans Invent a Whole New ‘Witch Hunt’ Defense for Trump’s Tax CrimesThe fair thing would be to let Trump’s criminal accomplices go free.
  6. politics
    Why Trump Probably Won’t Be ChargedIt’s not only because his lieutenant is not flipping.
  7. politics
    Trump Organization, Executive Accused of Tax Fraud to Bankroll Lavish LifestyleThe company is accused of paying him $1.76 million “off the books” in the form of an apartment, Mercedes leases, and more.
  8. russia investigation
    House Seeks Interviews With Trump’s Inner Circle in Wake of Cohen TestimonyIt looks like Cohen’s testimony was just the beginning, as House committees are now looking to speak with Ivanka, Don Jr., and others close to Trump.
  9. allen weisselberg
    Prosecutors Grant Immunity to Trump Organization CFOAnother integral member of Trump’s inner circle has flipped.