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    Can Google Be More Than an Advertising Company?The company continues to make hundreds of billions each year, but nearly all of that is from advertising revenue — and that’s a problem.
  2. the techoning
    Alphabet Exec Resigns After Exposé and Ahead of Planned Employee Walkout“Director of mad science” Paul DeVaul has been ousted after a New York Times exposé and ahead of a planned walkout by hundreds of Google employees.
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    Eric Schmidt Steps Down From Leading GoogleHe’ll remain as a technical adviser though.
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    Amazon Prime Video Finally Arrives on Apple TVIt’s so heartwarming when two massive companies can get along.
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    The Juiciest, Most Groan-Inducing Details From the Uber vs. Waymo Court DocsUnicorns, a lot of shredding, and embarrassing Google searches come to light in a due-diligence report by Stroz Friedberg.
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    Google Has Started Testing a Built-in Ad-Blocker for ChromeThe built-in ad-blocker is now available to Chrome Canary users.
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    Google Has Paid Thousands to Academics Writing About GoogleSome of the incentives were as high as $400,000.
  8. So Much for ‘Don’t Be Evil’: Google Moved 11 Billion Euros to Tax-Free BermudaIt’s sunny there.
  9. Alphabet Now the Most Valuable Public CompanyKnocked out (a still very flush) Apple.