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Alton Sterling

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    What Happened to the WitnessesFilming police killings has long-lasting consequences. Four who did tell their stories.
  2. police shootings
    Baton Rouge Cop Who Shot Alton Sterling Fired, Body-Cam Footage Finally ReleasedIn the disturbing videos, officer Blane Salamoni is shown immediately threatening to shoot Sterling in the head.
  3. Officers Won’t be Charged in Death of Alton SterlingWhat has become a predictable outcome in police-shooting cases.
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    Feds Say Evidence ‘Insufficient’ to Charge Officers in Alton Sterling CaseThe Justice Department officially said Wednesday it will not charge the two cops who fatally shot the 37-year-old black Baton Rouge man in 2016.
  5. Justice Department Declines to Bring Charges in Alton Sterling ShootingThe video of police officers shooting Sterling dead sparked unrest in Baton Rouge last year.
  6. Officials Break Up Alleged Plot to Kill Baton Rouge Police OfficersAt least one suspect allegedly told police they were responding to Alton Sterling’s death.
  7. the national interest
    Black Lives Matter and the Ideology of White BacklashRevealing diatribes on the aggrieved right.
  8. black lives matter
    Hundreds Arrested As Black Lives Matter Protests Continue NationwideDemonstrations over the weekend left officers injured and activists complaining that the police response was overly aggressive.
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    What to Do When They Don’t Want You to ExistMinorities are fighting for their lives.
  10. the national interest
    It Is Not 1968Murders by and of police conceal a country more unified than it appears.
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    Second Video Suggests Alton Sterling Was Not Holding Gun During Police ShootingNational leaders, including Hillary Clinton, said they were disturbed by yet another police shooting of a black man.
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    Alton Sterling Police Shooting Sparks ProtestVideo showing police shooting Sterling while he was on the ground sparked protests.